Faculty Directory

A list of all Biology faculty and their contact information


    Coenraad Adema - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 2428, Phone: 505-277-2743,  Email: coenadem@unm.edu

    J. Scott Altenbach - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: batmine@unm.edu

    Michael J. Andersen - Associate Professor
    Office: CERIA 312, Lab: CAST 208, Phone: 505-277-8017,  Email: mjandersen@unm.edu


    Oswald G. Baca - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: ozbaca@unm.edu

    Lisa Barrow - Assistant Professor
    Office: CERIA 226, Lab: CAST 204, Email: lnbarrow@unm.edu

    Larry L. Barton - Professor Emeritus/a
    Phone: 505-277-2537,  Email: lbarton@unm.edu

    Troy Best - Adjunct Professor
    Email: besttro@auburn.edu

    Julieta Bettinelli - Visiting Lecturer III
    Office: Science & Math Learning Center, Room 174, Email: julibet@unm.edu

    Jong Bhak - Adjunct Professor
    Email: jong.bhak@gmail.com

    Bruce Birren - Adjunct Professor
    Email: bwb@broadinstitute.org

    Becky Bixby - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 1568, Phone: 505-277-8158,  Email: bbixby@unm.edu

    Sara V. Brant - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 2480, MSB: CERIA 105, Lab: CAST 2468, Email: sbrant@unm.edu

    James H. Brown - Distinguished Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: jhbrown@unm.edu

    James Brunt - 
    Office: CERIA 320, Email:  jbrunt@unm.edu

    Kimran E Buckholz - Principal Lecturer
    Office: 67 Castetter Hall, Phone: 505-277-0934,  Email: kbuckholz@unm.edu


    Paul Calvert - Adjunct Professor
    Email: drhippo77@gmail.com

    Evan W. Carson - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: carson1@unm.edu

    Jean-Luc E. Cartron - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: jlec@unm.edu

    Elisa Casadei - Research Assistant Professor
    Email: ecasadei@unm.edu

    Eric L. Charnov - Distinguished Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: rlc@unm.edu

    Erica Christensen - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: Erica.christensen@weecology.org

    Christopher Clark - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: clark134@unm.edu

    Scott L. Collins - Distinguished Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 3586, Phone: 505-277-6303,  Email: scollins@unm.edu

    Joseph A. Cook - Distinguished Professor
    Office: CERIA 229, Lab: CAST 157, 159, Email: cookjose@unm.edu

    Lee Couch - 

    Richard M. Cripps - Research Professor
    Email: rcripps@unm.edu


    Clifford N. Dahm - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: CAST 1566, Phone: (505) 228-3711,  Email: cdahm@unm.edu

    David Dail - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: ddail@unm.edu

    Taraka Dale - Adjunct Assistant Professor

    William G. Degenhardt - Professor Emeritus/a

    M. del Mar Huertas Pau - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: m_h450@txstate.edu

    Eric Y. Denkers - Professor
    Office: CAST 2566 Lab: CAST 2517, 2517A, & 2515, Phone: 505-277-0287,  Email: edenkers@unm.edu

    Robert Dudley - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: dudleyrk@unm.edu

    Tomer Duman - Research Assistant Professor
    Email: tomerduman@unm.edu

    Donald W. Duszynski - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: eimeria@unm.edu


    Timothy Farkas - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: tfarkas@unm.edu

    Jenna Fonta - Visiting Lecturer III
    Office: CAST 200, Email: jennafonta@unm.edu

    Gordon Fox - Adjunct Professor
    Email: gfox@unm.edu

    Emily Francis - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 161, Email: emilyfrancis1@unm.edu


    William (Bill) H. Gannon - Research Professor
    Office: Ceria Building 83, Room 204, Phone: 505-249-7906,  Email: wgannon@unm.edu

    Paul Gauthier - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: ppg@princeton.edu

    Erica Gendron - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: gendron@unm.edu

    Phillip Gerrish - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Email: pgerrish@unm.edu

    Emma Goldberg - Visiting Assistant Professor
    Email: eegoldberg@lanl.gov

    Michael Russell Golinski - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: mgolinski@unm.edu

    James R. Gosz - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: jgosz@sevilleta.unm.edu

    Nancy B. Grimm - Adjunct Professor
    Email: nbgrimm@asu.edu

    Davorka Gulisija - Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 3566, Lab: CAST 119, Email: dgulisija@unm.edu


    David J. Hafner - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Email: dhafner@nmmnh.state.nm.us

    Ben Hanelt - Principal Lecturer
    Office: CAST 71, Lab: CAST 2468, Phone: 505-277-2400,  Email: bhanelt@unm.edu

    Victoria Hansen - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: vhansen@unm.edu

    David T. Hanson - Professor
    Office: CAST 1464, Lab: CAST 137, Phone: 505-277-8685,  Email: dthanson@unm.edu

    Charles L. Hayes - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: clhayes@unm.edu

    Edward Heske - Adjunct Professor
    Email: eheske@unm.edu

    William S. Hlavacek - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Email: wish@lanl.gov

    Eric Hoberg - Adjunct Professor
    Email: chmedved@unm.edu

    Bruce V. Hofkin - Principle Lecturer
    Email: brunoh@unm.edu

    Blake Hovde - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: hovdebt@lanl.gov

    Kelly A. Howe - Principal Lecturer
    Office: CAST 65, Phone: 505-277-0701,  Email: khowe@unm.edu

    Patrick Hudson - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: phudson@unm.edu

    Matthew D. Hurteau - Professor
    Office: CAST 192, Lab: CAST 161, Phone: 505-277-0863,  Email: mhurteau@unm.edu


    Gordon V. Johnson - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: gjohnson@unm.edu

    Christopher A. Johnston - Associate Professor
    Office: CAST 201, Lab: CAST 203, Email: johnstca@unm.edu

    Gavin Jones - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: Gavinjones@unm.edu

    Qussin Joo - Lecturer III
    Office: CAST 290, Email: qbjoo@unm.edu

    Chang Gyo Jung - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 163B, Email: cgjung@unm.edu


    Thomas L. Kennedy - Principal Lecturer
    Office: Castetter Hall 73, Phone: 505-277-1447,  Email: tkennedy@unm.edu

    Paul Rp Kerkof - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: pkerkof@unm.edu

    David E. Kidd - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: kidd@unm.edu

    Katina Krasnec - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: katina02@gmail.com

    Daniel J. Krofcheck - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: krofcheck@gmail.com


    Martina Laidemitt - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: mlaidemitt@unm.edu

    Enrique Lessa - Adjunct Professor
    Email: eplessa@unm.edu

    David Lightfoot - Research Associate Professor
    Office: CERIA 214, Phone: 505-277-4225,  Email: dlightfo@unm.edu

    J. David Ligon - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: jdligon@unm.edu

    Ethan Linck - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: elinck@unm.edu

    Marcy E. Litvak - Professor
    Office: CAST 3564, Lab: CAST 137, Phone: 505-277-5580,  Email: mlitvak@unm.edu

    Eric S. (Sam) Loker - Distinguished Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: CAST 2586, Lab: CAST 2468, Phone: 505-277-2124,  Email: esloker@unm.edu

    TyAnna Lovato - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 247, Email: tyanna@unm.edu

    Timothy K. Lowrey - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 3, Phone: 505-277-2604,  Email: tlowrey@unm.edu


    Susana Magadan Mompo - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: susana.magadan@gmail.com

    Jason Malaney - Research Assistant Professor
    Email: jmalaney@unm.edu

    Ellis Margolis - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: emargolis@usgs.gov

    Christopher Marsh - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 161, Email: chmarsh@unm.edu

    Diane L. Marshall - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 186, Phone: 505-277-1168,  Email: marshall@unm.edu

    Ellen O. Martinson - Assistant Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 245, 255, Email: emartinson@unm.edu

    Vincent G. Martinson - Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 243, Lab: CAST 247, Email: vmartinson@unm.edu

    Hannah Marx - Assistant Professor
    Office: CERIA 252B, Lab: CAST 155, Email: hmarx@unm.edu

    Craig McClain - Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Nathan McDowell - Adjunct Professor
    Email: nate.mcdowell@pnnl.gov

    Bryan McLean - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: mclean@unm.edu

    Kayla Menard - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 2584, Email: kmenard@unm.edu

    Moses J. Michelsohn - Lecturer II
    Office: Castetter Hall 66, Phone: 505-277-3645,  Email: mmichelsohn@unm.edu

    Kelly B. Miller - Professor
    Office: CERIA 227, Labs: CAST 152, 153, 156, Phone: 505-277-8168,  Email: kbmiller@unm.edu

    Robert D. Miller - Professor
    Office: CAST 228, Lab: CAST 214, Phone: 505-277- 5508 ,  Email: rdmiller@unm.edu

    Thomas Miller - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: tom.miller@rice.edu

    Bruce T. Milne - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 1582, Phone: 505-277-5356,  Email: t10964@unm.edu

    Manuel C. Molles, Jr. - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: molles@sevilleta.unm.edu

    Melanie Moses - Professor
    Email: melaniem@unm.edu

    Esteban H. Muldavin - Research Associate Professor
    Office: MARN 213, Phone: 505-277-3822 Ext. 228,  Email: muldavin@unm.edu


    Donald O. Natvig - Professor
    Office: CAST 3582, Lab: CAST 3527, Phone: 505-277-5977,  Email: dnatvig@unm.edu

    Sangeeta Negi - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: snegi@unm.edu

    Jeffrey Nekola - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Email: jnekora@unm.edu

    Mary Anne Nelson - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: manelson@unm.edu

    Seth Newsome - Professor
    Office: PAIS 1318, Phone: 831-566-3276,  Email: newsome@unm.edu

    Nancy Nicolai - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: nnicolai@unm.edu

    Diana E. Northup - Visiting Associate Professor
    Office: CAST 1580, Lab: CAST 1549, Phone: 505-277-5232,  Email: dnorthup@unm.edu


    Megan J. Osborne - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 270, CAST 273, Phone: 505-277-3234,  Email: mosborne@unm.edu


    Melissa I. Pardi - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: melissa-i-pardi@vanderbilt.edu

    Robert Parmenter - Research Associate Professor
    Phone: 575-829-4850,  Email: Robert_Parmenter@nps.gov

    Amalia Parra - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 206A, Email: asparra@salud.unm.edu

    Alan Perelson - Adjunct Professor
    Email: asp@lanl.gov

    Reese Brand Phillips - Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Sara Pinzon-Navarro - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: pinzon.navarro.sara@gmail.com

    Steven Platania - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: platania@unm.edu

    William T. Pockman - Professor
    Office: CAST 3584, Lab: CAST 137, Phone: 505-277-2724,  Email: pockman@unm.edu

    Steven Poe - Associate Professor
    Office: CAST 180, Lab: CAST 155, Phone: 505-277-5140,  Email: anolis@unm.edu

    David Propst - Adjunct Professor
    Email: dpropst@unm.edu


    Ethan Romero-Severson - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: eoromero@lanl.gov

    Andrew J. Rominger - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: ajrominger@unm.edu

    Stephen T. Ross - Adjunct Professor
    Email: stross1@unm.edu

    Jennifer A. Rudgers - Professor
    Office: Ceria 308, Phone: 845-705-0363,  Email: jrudgers@unm.edu


    Irene Salinas Remiro - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 2564, Phone: 505-277-0039,  Email: isalinas@unm.edu

    William Schaedla - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: schaedla@gmail.com

    David J. Schmidly - Professor Emeritus/a

    Dorothy C. Scholl - Principal Lecturer
    Office: Castetter Hall 75, Phone: 505-277-1380,  Email: scholld@unm.edu

    Mark Servilla - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CERIA 320, Phone: 505-750-3226,  Email: servilla@unm.edu

    Migun Shakyu - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: migun@lanl.gov

    Robert L. Sinsabaugh - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 3566, Phone: 505-277-3407,  Email: rlsinsab@unm.edu

    Felisa A. Smith - Professor
    Office: CAST 1462, Lab: CAST 108, Phone: 505-277-6725,  Email: fasmith@unm.edu

    Howard L. Snell - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 90, Phone: 505-277-3524,  Email: snell@unm.edu

    Amanda L. Stanfield - Lecturer III
    Office: 69 Castetter Hall, Phone: 505-277-3598,  Email: ailiebre@unm.edu

    Jens T. Stevens - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: jtstevens@unm.edu

    Joseph Stinziano - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: josephstinziano@gmail.com

    Eva Stricker - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 3589, Lab: CAST 3527, Email: evadr@unm.edu

    Stephen A. Stricker - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: sstr@unm.edu

    James Swan - 
    Email: jswan.unm@me.com

    Mubarak Hussain Syed - Assistant Professor
    Office: 215 Castetter Hall, Phone: 505-277-0533,  Email: syedm@unm.edu


    Cristina D. Takacs-Vesbach - Professor
    Office: CAST 167F, Lab: CAST 3517, Phone: 505-277-3418,  Email: cvesbach@unm.edu

    Lee Taylor - Professor
    Office: CAST 3580, Lab: CAST 3545, Phone: 505-277-0577,  Email: fflt@unm.edu

    Randy Thornhill - Distinguished Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 112, Phone: 505-277-3505,  Email: rthorn@unm.edu

    Eric C. Toolson - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 1564, Email: toolson@unm.edu

    Francis Triepke - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: jtriepke@unm.edu

    John Trujillo - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: trujil9@unm.edu

    Thomas F. Turner - Professor
    Office: CERIA 306, Phone: 505-277-7541,  Email: turnert@unm.edu


    Ernest Valdez - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: ernie@unm.edu

    Kristen Vanderbilt - Research Assistant Professor
    Email: vanderbi@unm.edu

    David Van Horn - Research Assistant Professor
    Office: CAST 3511, Labs: CAST 1540, 1523, 1524, 1527, Email: vanhorn@unm.edu

    Kathryn G. Vogel - Professor Emeritus/a
    Email: kgvogel@unm.edu


    Robert B. Waide - Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: CERIA 320 , Phone: 505-463-5294,  Email: rwaide@unm.edu

    Paul J. Watson - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Office: Marron Hall 235, Phone: 505-681-3391,  Email: pwatson@unm.edu

    Helen J. Wearing - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 106, SMLC 336, Phone: 505-277-0357,  Email: hwearing@unm.edu

    Alex J. Webster - Assistant Professor
    Email: awebster2@unm.edu

    Margaret Werner-Washburne - Distinguished Professor Emeritus/a
    Office: Castetter Hall 200, Phone: 505-277-9338,  Email: maggieww@unm.edu

    Rhiannon West - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: rwest@unm.edu

    Benjamin Wheaton - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: Wheaton.ben@gmail.com

    John Whiteman - Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Kenneth D. Whitney - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 282A, Labs: 252, 261, Phone: 505-277-4408,  Email: whitneyk@unm.edu

    Christopher C. Witt - Professor
    Office: CERIA 228, Lab: CAST 152, 153, 156, Phone: 505-277-8169,  Email: cwitt@unm.edu

    Satya M. Witt - Senior Lecturer
    Office: Science & Math Learning Center 168, Phone: 505-277-2940,  Email: smwitt@unm.edu

    Blair O. Wolf - Professor
    Office: Castetter Hall 1442, Lab: CAST 275, Phone: 505-277-4122,  Email: wolf@unm.edu

    Karen Wright - Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Email: cootie@unm.edu

    Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Email: zmseed@unm.edu


    Si-Ming Zhang - Research Professor
    Office: CAST 2422, Lab: CAST 2442, Phone: 505-277-4589,  Email: zhangsm@unm.edu