Cliff Dahm

Photo: Cliff Dahm

Professor Emeritus/a

(505) 228-3711
CAST 1566

Oregon State University, PhD, 1980, Oceanography, P Kilho Park and William H Quinn
Oregon State University, MA, 1974, Chemical Oceanography, P Kilho Park
Boise State University, BS, 1972, Chemistry

Curriculum vitae
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Research Area(s)

Aquatic Ecology,  Global Change Biology,  Microbiology,  Riparian Ecology

Research Interests:

Ecosystem studies, stream and river restoration, wildfire and water quality, science and policy, aquatic ecology, ecohydrology, stream water/ground water interactions, microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology

Selected Publications:

Datry, T., A.J. Boulton, N. Bonada, K. Fritz, C. Leigh, E. Sauquet, K. Tockner, B. Hugueny, and C.N. Dahm. 2018. Flow intermittence and ecosystem services in rivers of the Anthropocene. Journal of Applied Ecology 55:353-364.

Dahm, C.N., R.I. Candelaria-Ley, C.S. Reale, J.K. Reale, and D.J. Van Horn. 2015. Extreme water quality degradation following a catastrophic forest fire. Freshwater Biology DOI: 10.1111/fwb.12548.

Acuna, V., T. Datry, J. Marshall, D. Barcelo, C.N. Dahm, A. Ginebreda, G. McGregor, S. Sabater, K. Tockner, and M.A. Palmer. 2014. Why should we care about temporary waterways? Science 343:1080-1081.

E.S. Bernhardt, M.A. Palmer, J.D. Allan, G. Alexander, K. Barnas, S. Brooks, J. Carr, C. Dahm, J. Follstad Shah, D. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D. Harr, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, S. Katz, G.M. Kondolf, P.S. Lake, R. Lave, J.L. Meyer, T.K. O’Donnell, B. Powell, and E. Sudduth. 2005. Ecology – synthesizing US river restoration efforts. Science 308:636-637.

Palmer, M.A., E.S. Bernhardt, J.D. Allan, P.S. Lake, G. Alexander, S. Brooks, J. Carr, S. Clayton, C.N. Dahm, J. Follstad Shah, D.L. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D.H. Hart, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, G.M. Kondolf, R. Lave, J.L. Meyer, T.K. O’Donnell, L. Pagano, P. Srivastava, and E. Sudduth. 2005. Standards for ecologically successful river restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology 42:208-217.

Dahm, C.N., J.R. Cleverly, J.E.A. Coonrod, J.R. Thibault, D.E. McDonnell, and D.J. Gilroy. 2002. Evapotranspiration at the land/water interface in a semi-arid drainage basin. Freshwater Biology 47:831-843.

Jackson, R.B., S.R. Carpenter, C.N. Dahm, D.M. McKnight, R.J. Naiman, S.L. Postel, and S.W. Running. 2001. Water in a changing world. Ecological Applications 11:1027-1045.


Society for Freshwater Science - Fellow