How to add the biology events calendar to your personal calendar:

  Using Outlook Calendar:

  1. Sign in to Outlook and navigate to the Calendar.
  2. In the navigation pane, select 'Import Calendar', then select 'From web'.
  3. Under 'Link to the calendar' copy and paste the following link:
  4. Under 'Calendar name' type 'UNM Biology Events' or a name of your choice.
  5. Select 'Import'

  Using Google Calendar:

  1. Sign in to Google and navigate to Google Calendar.
  2. On the left-side panel select '+' (next to 'Other calendars'), then select 'Subscribe to calendar'.
  3. In the left-side panel select 'From URL'
  4. Copy and paste the following link into the 'URL of calender':
  5. Select 'Add calendar'
  6. You can edit the settings of the calendar to change its name and appearance.

  Using Apple iCal:

  1.  Open the Calendar app and choose 'File > New Calendar Subscription'.
  2.  Copy and paste the folloing link as the calendar's web address:
  3.  Select 'Subscribe'
  4.  Enter 'UNM Biology Events' in the Name field and set the Auto-refresh rate to 'Hourly' (or more often).
  5.  Select 'OK'