Tomer Duman

Photo: Tomer Duman

Research Assistant Professor

Research Area(s)

Global Change Biology,  Plant Biology

Research Interests:

I study the interactions between vegetation and its surrounding environment as a key component for understanding the effects of environmental changes, including the effects of extreme drought, mortality, fire and other disturbances on ecosystem processes.

Selected Publications:

Duman, T., Huang, C.W. and Litvak, M.E., (2020) Recent land cover changes in the Southwestern US lead to an increase in surface temperature. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 108246.

Huang, C.W., Krofcheck, D.J., Duman, T., Fox, A.M., Pockman, W.T., Lippit, C.D., McIntire, C.D. and Litvak, M.E., 2020. Ecosystem‐level energy and water budgets are resilient to canopy mortality in sparse semi‐arid biomes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, p.e2020JG005858.

Duman, T., Schäfer, K.V.R, (2017). Partitioning net ecosystem exchange of native and invasive plants in an urban tidal wetland. Ecological Engineering. 

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