David T. Hanson

Photo: David T. Hanson


Assistant Vice President for Research

CAST 1464, Lab: CAST 137

Ph.D. (Botany), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999

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Research Area(s)

Physiological Ecology,  Plant Biology

Research Interests:

My research interests are in carbon metabolism of algae and plants with an emphasis on CO2 capture relative to water use in both natural and controlled environments (including the International Space Station and future operations on the moon and Mars). I am particularly interested in developing and using new instrumentation to understand spatial and temporal dynamics in primary and secondary carbon metabolism. This includes regulation of water and nutrient supply to alter metabolism in crops (including interactions between plants and the rhizosphere), visualization of metabolism in vivo via novel microscopy, monitoring of trace gas emissions, and using stable isotopes (both natural abundance and supplemental labeling) to understand biophysical and biochemical processes. I also have a passion for community engagement and citizen science through urban agriculture, space farming, and plant monitoring.