Phil Johnston

Facilities Operations Manager

office: 277-5060, cell: 639-2160
131 Castetter Hall

Duty Area/s:


Specific Duties:

  • Facility Operations


Facility Operations duties include: chemical fume hoods; classroom audio/visual equipment; custodical services; department Facility Services Tech (all requests for his services must be made through Phil); departmental storeroom (Bruce Yazzie); Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM) Program (lab chemical inventory database); facility operations, maintenance, & construction efforts for Castetter Hall & Marron Hall, and areas surrounding these buildings; FAMIS (University Space database); indentifying and resolving acute & chronic deficiencies in the Biology Department facilities; Lock Shop; Facilities Management activities in the Biology Department; safety issues for Castetter Hall & Marron Hall; telephones; UNM Chemical Lab Safety Committee; ventilation.

The Facility Services Tech * duties include: ceiling tile replacement; heating & cooling; DI water; doors & locks; Eye Wash/Safety Shower testing & maintenance; facility safety; flooring; lighting; minor carpentry; painting; plumbing; unlocking/locking doors; unusual smells & odors.

* All requests for the services of the departmental Facility Services Tech must be made through Phil.