Kevin Willson

Photo: Kevin Willson

-PhD student-

Faculty Advisor: 
Matthew Hurteau

University of Alabama, MS in Geography, 2017-2018, Dr. Justin Hart
University of Maryland, BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Sciences, 2011-2015

Curriculum vitae
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Research Area(s)

Terrestrial Ecology

Research Interests:

Forest, fire, disturbance, restoration, ecosystem, plant, and soil ecology; silviculture; statistics; GIS and remote sensing; field, modeling, and applied research

Selected Publications:

Willson, K.G., L.E. Cox, J.L. Hart, D.C. Dey. 2020. Three-dimensional light structure of an upland Quercus stand post-tornado disturbance. Journal of Forestry Research, 31, 141-153.

Willson, K.G., J.L. Hart., Zengel, B. 2019. A longing for the natural past: Unexplored benefits and impacts of a nostalgic approach towards restoration in ecology. Restoration Ecology, 27, 949-954.

Willson, K.G., Perantoni, A.N., Berry, Z.C., et al., 2017. Influences of reduced iron and magnesium on growth and photosynthetic performance of Phragmites australis subsp. americanus (North American common reed). Aquatic Botany, 137, 30-38.


2021 JFSP Graduate Research Innovation Grant

2019 Harry Wayne Springfield Fellowship

2018 University of Alabama Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award