Dr. Cliff Dahm: 2016 Recipient Of The SFS Award Of Excellence


Posted: Jun 15, 2016 - 12:00pm

Dr.. Cliff Dahm

Dr. Clifford N. Dahm, the 2016 recipient of the Society for Freshwater Science  (SFS) Award of Excellence (AoE), has a  distinguished career in ecosystem studies and aquatic  ecology that has produced a large and influential body of  interdisciplinary research. Cliff has made substantial research contributions in areas including stream geomicrobiology, stream biogeochemistry and the influence of hyporheic, ecohydrology, nutrient dynamics, tower - based evapotranspiration dynamics of riparian zones, stream water - groundwater interactions, the influence of climate dynamics on river and riparian ecosystems, and the ecology of intermittent rivers. In addition, he has worked on more applied research in stream, river, and wetland restoration, and on the bridge from science to policy and management.

Cliff started with his master’s and Ph.D. work at Oregon State University researching nutrient cycling and the distribution and  fate of dissolved organic carbon, but with a dual focus in oceanographic and  freshwater systems. After four years as a post - doctoral research associate and assistant professor in aquatic ecology at Oregon State, Cliff moved inland to the University of New Mexico (UNM),  where, over three decades, he established a rich and productive research program.  At UNM, Cliff mentored many (30+) graduate students as well as numerous undergraduates and post - docs, and  helped establish programs such as the NSF - sponsored Integrative Graduate Education and Research  Traineeship (IGERT) on freshwater ecology and the Sevilleta LTER, which have enriched the  University and been highly beneficial to innumerable students.

Cliff has participated in and/or helped direct several notable interdisciplinary, collaborative, and/or international research projects, such as the Nutrient Partitioning and Retention [NPARS], the Lotic Intersite Nitrogen eXperiment [LINX] I and II, the National River Restoration and Science Synthesis [NRRSS] project, and more recently, the Intermittent River Biodiversity Analysis and Synthesis [IRBAS] project. Exemplifying Cliff's commitment to translating science to policy in a meaningful way, from 2008 – 2011, while maintaining his activities at UNM, Cliff became the Lead Scientist for the CALFED Bay – Delta Science Program (later Delta Science Program/Delta Stewardship Council). Here, he made enormous contributions to the incorporation of science in the management of the Bay – Delta ecosystem, balancing ecosystem recovery with water supply reliability. As a testament to both Cliff's commitment to the marriage of science and policy and to the high regard he earned in this position, recently Cliff was re - appointed as the Delta Pro gram Lead Scientist, where currently  he  serves despite his recent 'retirement' from UNM.

About the Award

The SFS AoE is awarded to a single recipient for outstanding contributions to benthic science. The  scope of the award reflect s the broad interests and expertise exhibited in the Society, but  is not  limited to members of the Society.  Nominations  may be submitted  using the  SFS Awards Nomination Portal.