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Posted: Nov 16, 2023 - 12:00pm

Here are some of the publications from August, September, and October that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students:

Alfaro, B., & Marshall, D. L. (2023). Evidence of differential phenotypic plasticity in a desert mustardEcology and Evolution13, e10479.

Ang WSL, Olivia Burleigh, Sarah Frail, Yago V. S. Santos, Bhavyaa Tyagi, Fay-Wei Li. 2023. Genome sequence of a symbiotic cyanobacterium from the flowering plant Gunnera tinctoria. Microbiology Resource Announcements, Vol. 12, No. 11.

Avellan S, Thornhill R, Charpentier L, O'Shea B. Pathogen Prevalence Predicts Global and US State Level Variation in Human Rights. PsyArXiv; 2023.

Conrad C, Jeremy Inglis, Allison Wende, Matthew Sanborn, Nilesh Mukundan, Allison Price, Travis Tenner, Kimberly Wurth, Benjamin Naes, Jeanne Fair, Earl Middlebrook, Shannon Gaukler, Jeffrey Whicker, Jamie L Gerard, Washington Tapia Aguilera, James P Gibbs, Blair Wolf, Tonie K Kattil-deBrum, Molly Hagemann, Jeffrey A Seminoff, Timothy Brys, Rafe Brown, Katrina M Derieg, Anthropogenic uranium signatures in turtles, tortoises, and sea turtles from nuclear sites, PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2023, pgad241,

Diaz-Ortiz, M. E., Jain, N., Gallagher, M. D., Posavi, M., Unger, T. L. and Chen-Plotkin, A. S. (2023). Testing for Allele-specific Expression from Human Brain Samples. Bio-protocol 13(19): e4832.

Eliason, C.M., Mellenthin, L.E., Hains, T., Jenna M. McCullough, Stacy Pirro, Michael J. Andersen & Shannon J. Hackett. Genomic signatures of convergent shifts to plunge-diving behavior in birds. Commun Biol 6, 1011 (2023).

Haghani A, … Jonathan L. Dunnum, et al. DNA methylation networks underlying mammalian traits. Science. 381, eabq5693 (2023).

Hensen N, Lucas Bonometti, Ivar Westerberg, Ioana Onut Brännström, Sonia Guillou, Sandrine Cros-Aarteil, Sara Calhoun, Sajeet Haridas, Alan Kuo, Stephen Mondo, Jasmyn Pangilinan, Robert Riley, Kurt LaButti, Bill Andreopoulos, Anna Lipzen, Cindy Chen, Mi Yan, Chris Daum, Vivian Ng, Alicia Clum, Andrei Steindorff, Robin A. Ohm, Francis Martin, Philippe Silar, Donald O. Natvig, Christophe Lalanne, Valérie Gautier, Sandra Lorena Ament-Velásquez, Åsa Kruys, Miriam I. Hutchinson, Amy Jo Powell, Kerrie Barry, Andrew N. Miller, Igor V. Grigoriev, Robert Debuchy, Pierre Gladieux, Markus Hiltunen Thorén, Hanna Johannesson. 2023. Genome-scale phylogeny and comparative genomics of the fungal order Sordariales. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Volume 189, 107938.

Hoberg, Eric & Trivellone, Valeria & Cook, Joseph & Dunnum, Jonathan & Boeger, Walter & Brooks, Daniel & Agosta, Salvatore & Colella, Jocelyn. (2023). Document: Pathogen Diversity—Finding Them before They Find Us. In book: An Evolutionary Pathway for Coping with Emerging Infectious Disease (pp.122-145). Publisher: Zea Books

Hwang, K., Harpold, A. A., Tague, C. L., Lowman, L., Boisramé, G. F. S., Lininger, K. B., Pamela L. Sullivan, Aidan Manning, Louis Graup, Marcy Litvak, Gabriel Lewis, Kate Miller, Paul D. Brooks, and Holly R. Barnard. (2023). Seeing the disturbed forest for the trees: Remote sensing is underutilized to quantify critical zone response to unprecedented disturbance. Earth's Future, 11, e2022EF003314.

Lin Q, Newberry M. 2023. Seeing through noise in power laws. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Vol 20(205).

Mattison, Siobhán M., Mattison, Peter M., Beheim Bret A., Liu Ruizhe, Blumenfield Tami, Sum Chun-Yi, Shenk Mary K., Seabright Edmond and Alami Sarah. 2023. Gender disparities in material and educational resources differ by kinship system. Phil. Trans. R. Soc.

Miller KB, Benetti CJ, Michat MC (2023) Miradessus gen. nov. from South America described for two species previously in Amarodytes Régimbart, 1900 and two new species (Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Adephaga, Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae, Bidessini). ZooKeys 1176: 13-28.

Morrissey, K.A., Stammnitz, M.R., Murchison, E., Miller RD. Comparative genomics of the T cell receptor μ locus in marsupials and monotremes. Immunogenetics 75, 507–515 (2023).

Osborne MJMegan A. Barela HudgellGuilherme Caeiro-Dias & Thomas F. Turner (2023) The complete mitochondrial genomes of two imperiled species endemic to the Southwestern United States: Peppered Chub (Macrhybopsis tetranema) and Gila Trout (Oncorhynchus gilae), Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 8:8, 809-814,

Osborne, M. J., Archdeacon, T. P.Yackulic, C. B.Dudley, R. K., Caeiro-Dias, G.,Turner, T. F. (2023). Genetic erosion in an endangered desert fish during a megadrought despite long-term supportive breedingConservation Biology00, e14154.

Parra, Amalia S., Moezzi, Cameron A., Johnston, Christopher A. 2023. Drosophila Adducin facilitates phase separation and function of a conserved spindle orientation complex. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Vol. 11.

Pinchi-Davila XJ, Diana Vargas-Hernández, María-José Romero-Jiménez, Ari Jumpponen, Jennifer A. RudgersJose Herrera, Miriam Hutchinson, John M. Dunbar, Cheryl Kuske & Andrea Porras-Alfaro (2023) Pleoardoris graminearum, gen. et sp. nov., a new member of Pleosporales from North American Plains, its biogeography and effects on a foundation grass species, Mycologia, 115:6, 749-767,

Sasaki T, Scott L. Collins, Jennifer A. Rudgers, Erdenetsetseg Baasandai, Toshihiko Kinugasa, Toshihiko Kinugasa. 2023. Dryland sensitivity to climate change and variability using nonlinear dynamics. PNAS. 120 (35), e2305050120.

Shipley, O. N.McMeans, B. C.Besser, A. C., Bloomfield, E. J., & Newsome, S. D. (2023). Energy channelling, food chain length and body condition in a northern lake predatorFreshwater Biology6816601672

Turner TF, Henry L Bart Jr, Frank McCormick, Alexi C Besser, Rachel E Bowes, Krista A Capps, Emily S DeArmon, Casey B Dillman, Katelyn P Driscoll, Aubrey Dugger, Gregor L Hamilton, Phillip M Harris, Dean A Hendrickson, Joel Hoffman, Jason H Knouft, Ryan F Lepak, Hernán López-Fernández, Carmen G Montaña, Seth D Newsome, Allison A Pease, W Leo Smith, Christopher A Taylor, Rachel L Welicky, Long-term ecological research in freshwaters enabled by regional biodiversity collections, stable isotope analysis, and environmental informatics, BioScience, Volume 73, Issue 7, July 2023, Pages 479–493,

Wani A, Budhaditya Chowdhury, Jenny Luong, Gonzalo Morales Chaya, Krishna Patel, Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Orie Shafer, Matthew S. Kayser, Mubarak Hussain Syed. 2023. Stem cell-specific ecdysone signaling regulates the development and function of a Drosophila sleep homeostat. bioRxiv. 2023.09.29.560022.

Wilcox, K. R.Chen, A.Avolio, M. L.Butler, E. E.Collins, S.Fisher, R.Keenan, T.Kiang, N. Y.Knapp, A. K.Koerner, S. E.Kueppers, L.Liang, G.Lieungh, E.Loik, M.Luo, Y.Poulter, B.Reich, P.Renwick, K.Smith, M. D. … Komatsu, K. J. (2023). Accounting for herbaceous communities in process-based models will advance our understanding of “grassy” ecosystemsGlobal Change Biology2964536477


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