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Posted: May 03, 2023 - 12:00pm

Here are some of the publications from the past month that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students:

Brown, Renee F; Collins, Scott L. 2023. As above, not so below: Long-term dynamics of net primary production across a dryland transition zone. Global change biology.

Casadei, Elisa; Salinas, Irene. 2023. Fighting pathogens in two battlefields: Antimicrobial defenses in the African lungfish. PLoS pathogens, 19(4):e1011302.

da Silva Coelho, Flavio Augusto; Gill, Stephanie; Tomlin, Crystal M; Papavassiliou, Marilena; Farley, Sean D; Cook, Joseph A; Sonsthagen, Sarah A; Sage, George K; Heaton, Timothy H; Talbot, Sandra L; Lindqvist, Charlotte. 2023. Ancient bears provide insights into Pleistocene ice age refugia in Southeast Alaska. Molecular ecology, 00, 1– 16.

Douchet, Philippe; Gourbal, Benjamin; Loker, Eric S; Rey, Olivier. 2023. Schistosoma transmission: scaling-up competence from hosts to ecosystems. Trends in parasitology,

Eliason CE, Jenna M McCullough, Shannon J Hackett, Michael J Andersen. 2023. Complex plumages spur rapid color diversification in kingfishers (Aves: Alcedinidae). eLife. 12: e83426.

Gido, K.B., Osborne, M.J.,Propst, D.L.,Turner, T.F. and Olden, J.D. (2023), Megadroughts Pose Mega-Risk to Native Fishes of the American Southwest. Fisheries.

Kearns, P.J., Winter, A.S., Woodhams, D.C., Northup, D.E. 2023. The Mycobiome of Bats in the American Southwest Is Structured by Geography, Bat Species, and Behavior. Microb Ecol. 

Klicka J, Kevin Epperly, Brian Tilston Smith, Garth M Spellman, Jaime A Chaves, Patricia Escalante, Christopher C Witt, Ricardo Canales-del-Castillo, Robert M Zink. 2023. Lineage diversity in a widely distributed New World passerine bird, the House Wren, Ornithology, ukad018,

Marsh CD, Stephanie A Poindexter, Ross A Hill, Matthew G Nowak, Abdullah Abdullah, Amanda H Korstjens. 2023. 12 Movement Ecology of Siamang in a Degraded Dipterocarp Forest, in Gibbon Conservation in the Anthropocene, 188. Cambridge University Press.

Marsh, Christopher; Joseph C Blankinship, Matthew D Hurteau. 2023. Effects of nurse shrubs and biochar on planted conifer seedling survival and growth in a high-severity burn patch in New Mexico, USA. Forest Ecology and Management, 537: 120971.

Peña JJ, Eric S Loker, Coen M Adema. 2023. Comparative analysis of three families of hygrophilid snails shows that the egg mass fluid protein haemocyanin-like 1 (Hcl-1) is unique to planorbids, Journal of Molluscan Studies, Volume 89, Issue 2. eyad006,

Spaan JM, Tom Pennance, Martina R Laidemitt, Nicole Sims, Jewell Roth, Yvonne Lam, Fredrick Rawago, George Ogara, Eric S Loker, Maurice R Odiere, Michelle L Steinauer. 2023. Multi-strain compatibility polymorphism between a parasite and its snail host, a neglected vector of schistosomiasis in Africa. Current Research in Parasitology & Vector-Borne Diseases, 100120.

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