Workshop introduces students to neuroscience


Posted: Apr 13, 2023 - 12:00pm

Pueblo Brain Science flier

Students and teachers from all over New Mexico, including San Juan College the pueblos of Zia and Jemez, will attend the second annual Building Diversity in Neuroscience workshop at UNM April 13-15 on The University of New Mexico campus.

Mubarak Hussain Syed, assistant professor of Biology at UNM and head of the Syed Neural Diversity Lab, hosts the workshop for local high school students as part of his Pueblo Brain Science project in the PA. The event will be held in the PAÍS building.

The three-day workshop will be led by Syed and his colleague and co-organizer Matthew Clark, assistant professor of Biology at Bucknell University. Workshop instructors are coming from New York University, University of Michigan, University of California, Santa Barbara, and New Mexico. Participants are teachers, students and UNM undergrads who will explore opportunities in neuroscience data science, and other STEM fields.

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