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Posted: Feb 03, 2023 - 12:00pm

Here are some of the publications from January that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students: 

Adelizzi, Rose, O'Brien, E. A., Hoellrich, Mikaela, Rudgers, Jennifer A.Mann, Michael, Fernandes, Vanessa Moreira Camara, Darrouzet-Nardi, Anthony, and Stricker, Eva. 2022. “Disturbance to Biocrusts Decreased Cyanobacteria, N-Fixer Abundance, and Grass Leaf N but Increased Fungal Abundance.” Ecology 103( 4): e3656. 

Brooks, DR, Hoberg, EP, Boeger, WA, Trivellone, V. Emerging infectious disease: An underappreciated area of strategic concern for food security. Transbound Emerg Dis. 2022; 69: 254– 267. 

Díaz Pernett, S. C., Brant, S. V., & Locke, S. A. (2022). First integrative study of the diversity and specificity of metacercariae of Posthodiplostomum Dubois, 1936 from native and introduced fishes in the Caribbean. Parasitology, 149(14), 1894–1909.  

Dickman, L.T., Jonko, A.K., Linn, R.R., Altintas, I., Atchley, A.L., Bär, A., Collins, A.D., Dupuy, J.-L., Gallagher, M.R., Hiers, J.K., Hoffman, C.M., Hood, S.M., Hurteau, M.D., Jolly, W.M., Josephson, A., Loudermilk, E.L., Ma, W., Michaletz, S.T., Nolan, R.H., O’Brien, J.J., Parsons, R.A., Partelli-Feltrin, R., Pimont, F., de Dios, V.R., Restaino, J., Robbins, Z.J., Sartor, K.A., Schultz-Fellenz, E., Serbin, S.P., Sevanto, S., Shuman, J.K., Sieg, C.H., Skowronski, N.S., Weise, D.R., Wright, M., Xu, C., Yebra, M. and Younes, N. (2023), Integrating plant physiology into simulation of fire behavior and effects. New Phytol. Accepted Author Manuscript. 

Hantak MM, Guralnick RP, Cameron AC, Griffing AH, Harrington SM, Weinell JL, Paluh DJ. 2022. Colour scales with climate in North American ratsnakes: a test of the thermal melanism hypothesis using community science images. Biol. Lett.18:20220403. 

Harrison JF, Andrew Biewener, Joanna R Bernhardt, Joseph R Burger, James H Brown, Zach N Coto, Meghan E Duell, Michael Lynch, Emma R Moffett, Tommy Norin, Amanda K Pettersen, Felisa A Smith, Ummat Somjee, James F A Traniello, Terrie M Williams. White Paper: An Integrated Perspective on the Causes of Hypometric Metabolic Scaling in Animals, Integrative and Comparative Biology, Volume 62, Issue 5, November 2022, Pages 1395–1418, 

Jones, DS (Jones, Daniel S.); Schaperdoth, I (Schaperdoth, Irene); Northup, DE (Northup, Diana E.); Gomez-Cruz, R (Gomez-Cruz, Rodolfo); Macalady, JL (Macalady, Jennifer L.). 2023. Convergent Community Assembly among Globally Separated Acidic Cave Biofilms. APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOY.  

Larkin, I. E., Myers, E. A., Carstens, B. C., & Barrow, L. N. (2023). Predictors of genomic diversity within North American squamates. The Journal of heredity, esad001. Advance online publication.  

Lepori-Bui, M., Paight, C., Eberhard, E., Mertz, C. M., & Moeller, H. V. (2022). Evidence for evolutionary adaptation of mixotrophic nanoflagellates to warmer temperatures. Global change biology, 28(23), 7094–7107.  

Liang, S., & Hurteau, M. D. (2023). Novel climate–fire–vegetation interactions and their influence on forest ecosystems in the western USA. Functional Ecology, 00, 1– 17. 

Loughran CL, Wolf BO. Evaporative cooling via panting and its metabolic and water balance costs for lizards in the American Southwest. J Exp Biol. 2023 Jan 18:jeb.243877. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36651236. 

Luo, Wentao, Taofeek O. Muraina,  Robert J. Griffin-Nolan,  Wang Ma,  Lin Song,  Wei Fu,  Qiang Yu,  Alan K. Knapp,  Zhengwen Wang,  Xingguo Han,  Scott L. Collins. 2023. “ Responses of a Semiarid Grassland to Recurrent Drought are Linked to Community Functional Composition.” Ecology 104( 2): e3920. 

Mancuso, CJ, Ehleringer, JR, Newsome, SD. Examination of amino acid hydrogen isotope measurements of scalp hair for region-of-origin studies. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2023; 37( 4):e9442. 

Manlick, Philip J.Cook, Joseph A., and Newsome, Seth D.. 2023. “The Coupling of Green and Brown Food Webs Regulates Trophic Position in a Montane Mammal Guild.” Ecology 104( 2): e3949. 

May, C.J., Zald, H.S.J., North, M.P., Gray, A.N. and Hurteau, M.D. (2023), Repeated burns fail to restore pine regeneration to the natural range of variability in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest, U.S.A.. Restor Ecol e13863. 

Teixeira, C. R., Botta, S., Cremer, M. J., Marcondes, M. C. C., Pereira, L. B., Newsome, S. D., Jorge, F. G. D., & Simões-Lopes, P. C. (2023). Ecologically driven differences in individual diet specialization across three populations of Guiana dolphin. Oecologia, 10.1007/s00442-022-05312-7. Advance online publication.  

Wolf, B. O., & McKechnie, A. E. (2022). Biophysical approaches to predicting species vulnerability. Global Change Biology, 00, 1– 2. 

Zoumplis, A; Kolody, B; Kaul, D; Zheng, H; Venepally, P; McKnight, D M; Takacs-Vesbach, C; DeVries, A; Allen, A E. Impact of meltwater flow intensity on the spatiotemporal heterogeneity of microbial mats in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. ISME COMMUN. 3, 3 (2023).  

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