Publications from August and September


Posted: Oct 19, 2022 - 12:00pm

Here are some of the publications from August and September that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students:

Bach, W (Bach, Wilhelmine); Kreft, H (Kreft, Holger); Craven, D (Craven, Dylan); Konig, C (Koenig, Christian); Schrader, J (Schrader, Julian); Taylor, A (Taylor, Amanda); Dawson, W (Dawson, Wayne); Essl, F (Essl, Franz); Lenzner, B (Lenzner, Bernd); Marx, HE (Marx, Hannah E.); Meyer, C (Meyer, Carsten); Pergl, J (Pergl, Jan); Pysek, P (Pysek, Petr); van Kleunen, M (van Kleunen, Mark); Winter, M (Winter, Marten); Weigelt, P (Weigelt, Patrick). 2022. Phylogenetic composition of native island floras influences naturalized alien species richness. ECOGRAPHY, e06227.

Benichou L, Jutta Buschbom, Mariel Campbell, Elisa Hermann, Jiří Kvaček, Patricia Mergen, Lorna Mitchell, Constance Rinaldo, Donat Agosti. 2022. Joint statement on best practices for the citation of authorities of scientific names in taxonomy by CETAF, SPNHC and BHL. Research Ideas and Outcomes 8: e94338.

Blevins, C (Blevins, Christina); Busquets-Vass, G (Busquets-Vass, Geraldine); Pardo, MA (Pardo, Mario A.); Gendron, D (Gendron, Diane); Jacobsen, JK (Jacobsen, Jeff K.); Gomez-Diaz, F (Gomez-Diaz, Francisco); Perez-Puig, H (Perez-Puig, Hector); Ortega-Ortiz, CD (Ortega-Ortiz, Christian Daniel); Heckel, G (Heckel, Gisela); Urban, RJ (Urban, Jorge R.); Viloria-Gomora, L (Viloria-Gomora, Lorena); Newsome, SD (Newsome, Seth D.). 2022. Sex- and age-specific migratory strategies of blue whales in the northeast Pacific Ocean. FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE, 9:944918.

Bu, LJ (Bu, Lijing); Zhong, DB (Zhong, Daibin); Lu, LJ (Lu, Lijun); Loker, ES (Loker, Eric S.); Yan, GY (Yan, Guiyun); Zhang, SM (Zhang, Si-Ming). 2022. Compatibility between snails and schistosomes: insights from new genetic resources, comparative genomics, and genetic mapping. COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY, 5(1): 940.

Cook, K (Cook, Kel); Taylor, AD (Taylor, Andrew D.); Sharma, J (Sharma, Jyotsna); Taylor, DL (Taylor, D. Lee). 2022. Inter-annual Persistence of Canopy Fungi Driven by Abundance Despite High Spatial Turnover. MICROBIAL ECOLOGY.

Cunliffe, AM (Cunliffe, Andrew M.); Boschetti, F (Boschetti, Fabio); Clement, R (Clement, Robert); Sitch, S (Sitch, Stephen); Anderson, K (Anderson, Karen); Duman, T (Duman, Tomer); Zhu, SY (Zhu, Songyan); Schlumpf, M (Schlumpf, Mikael); Litvak, ME (Litvak, Marcy E.); Brazier, RE (Brazier, Richard E.); Hill, TC (Hill, Timothy C.). 2022. Strong Correspondence in Evapotranspiration and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Between Different Eddy Covariance Systems Enables Quantification of Landscape Heterogeneity in Dryland Fluxes. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES,127(8): e2021JG006240.

Gadek, CR (Gadek, Chauncey R.); Williamson, JL (Williamson, Jessie L.); Witt, CC (Witt, Christopher C.). 2022. Intra- and interspecific nest stacking in marsh-dwelling songbirds. BIOTROPICA, 54(5): 1131-1136.

Hamilton, BR (Hamilton, Blake R.); Shipley, ON (Shipley, Oliver N.); Grubbs, D (Grubbs, Dean). 2022. Multi-channel feeding by migratory sharks in a fluvial-dominated estuary. ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE, 275: 107977.

Hamid A, Andrew Gutierrez, Jordan Munroe, Mubarak Hussain Syed. 2022. The Drivers of Diversity: Integrated genetic and hormonal cues regulate neural diversity. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology, ISSN 1084-9521.

Hamilton, GL (Hamilton, Gregor L.); Cooper, TL (Cooper, Taylor L.); Turner, TF (Turner, Thomas F.). 2022. Field estimates of crayfish mortality associated with passive integrated transponder tagging. AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS.

Harrison, JF (Harrison, Jon F.); Biewener, A (Biewener, Andrew); Bernhardt, JR (Bernhardt, Joanna R.); Burger, JR (Burger, Joseph R.); Brown, JH (Brown, James H.); Coto, ZN (Coto, Zach N.); Duell, ME (Duell, Meghan E.); Lynch, M (Lynch, Michael); Moffett, ER (Moffett, Emma R.); Norin, T (Norin, Tommy); Pettersen, AK (Pettersen, Amanda K.); Smith, FA (Smith, Felisa A.); Somjee, U (Somjee, Ummat); Traniello, JFA (Traniello, James F. A.); Williams, TM (Williams, Terrie M.). 2022. White Paper: An Integrated Perspective on the Causes of Hypometric Metabolic Scaling in Animals. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY.

Jones GM, Emily K Vraga, Paul F Hessburg, Matthew D Hurteau, Craig D Allen, Robert E Keane, Thomas A Spies, Malcolm P North, Brandon M Collins, Mark A Finney, Jamie M Lydersen, A Leroy Westerling. 2022. Counteracting wildfire misinformation. Front Ecol Environ. 20(7): 392–393.

Kanagy, WK (Kanagy, William K.); Cleyrat, C (Cleyrat, Cedric); Fazel, M (Fazel, Mohamadreza); Lucero, SR (Lucero, Shayna R.); Bruchez, MP (Bruchez, Marcel P.); Lidke, KA (Lidke, Keith A.); Wilson, BS (Wilson, Bridget S.); Lidke, DS (Lidke, Diane S.). 2022. Docking of Syk to Fc epsilon RI is enhanced by Lyn but limited in duration by SHIP1. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL, 33(10):ar89.

Klicka LB, Luke C Campillo, Joseph D Manthey, Michael J Andersen, John P Dumbacher, Christopher E Filardi, Leo Joseph, J Albert C Uy, Douglas E Weidemann, Robert G Moyle. 2022. Genomic and geographic diversification of a “great-speciator” (Rhipidura rufifrons). Ornithology, ukac049,

Luo, WT (Luo, Wentao); Griffin-Nolan, RJ (Griffin-Nolan, Robert J.); Felton, AJ (Felton, Andrew J.); Yu, Q (Yu, Qiang); Wang, HY (Wang, Hongyi); Zhang, HX (Zhang, Hongxiang); Wang, ZW (Wang, Zhengwen); Han, XG (Han, Xingguo); Collins, SL (Collins, Scott L.); Knapp, AK (Knapp, Alan K.). 2022. Drought has inconsistent effects on seed trait composition despite their strong association with ecosystem drought sensitivity. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY.

Malaney JL, Jonathan L. Dunnum, Joseph A. Cook. 2022. Checklist of New Mexico Mammals. In Late Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontology: Tribute to Arthur H. Harris. Volume 88: 361-369. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin

Matheson, AMM (Matheson, Andrew M. M.); Lanz, AJ (Lanz, Aaron J.); Medina, AM (Medina, Ashley M.); Licata, A (Licata, Al M.); Currier, TA (Currier, Timothy A.); Syed, MH (Syed, Mubarak H.); Nagel, KI (Nagel, Katherine, I). 2022. A neural circuit for wind-guided olfactory navigation. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 13(1): 4613.

Osborne M, Guilherme Caeiro Dias, Thomas Turner. 2022. Transitioning from microsatellites to SNP-based microhaplotypes in genetic monitoring programs: lessons from paired data spanning 20 years. Authorea.

Pernett, SCD (Pernett, Sandra C. Diaz); Brant, SV (Brant, Sara, V); Locke, SA (Locke, Sean A.). 2022. First integrative study of the diversity and specificity of metacercariae of Posthodiplostomum Dubois, 1936 from native and introduced fishes in the Caribbean. PARASITOLOGY.

Pilger, TJ (Pilger, Tyler J.); Gido, KB (Gido, Keith B.); Propst, DL (Propst, David L.); Whitney, JE (Whitney, James E.); Turner, TF (Turner, Thomas F.). 2022. Demography Predicts Genetic Effective Size in a Desert Stream Fish Community. AMERICAN NATURALIST, 200(2): 275-291.

Rihova, J (Rihova, Jana); Bell, KC (Bell, Kayce C.); Novakova, E (Novakova, Eva); Hypsa, V (Hypsa, Vaclav). 2022. Lightella neohaematopini: A new lineage of highly reduced endosymbionts coevolving with chipmunk lice of the genus Neohaematopinus. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, 13: 900312.

Sam JA, W Jonathan Baldwin, A LeRoy Westerling, Haiganoush Preisler, Qingqing Xu, Matthew D Hurteau, Benjamin M Sleeter, Samrajya B Thapa. 2022. Simulating burn severity maps at 30 meters in two forested regions in California. Environmental Research Letters, IOP Publishing. Volume:17, Issue:10, Page(s):105004.

Schuppe ER, Lindsey Cantin, Mukta Chakraborty, Matthew T. Biegler, Electra R. Jarvis, Chun-Chun Chen, Erina Hara, Mads F. Bertelsen, Christopher C. Witt, Erich D. Jarvis, Matthew J. Fuxjager. 2022. Forebrain nuclei linked to woodpecker territorial drum displays mirror those that enable vocal learning in songbirds. PLoS Biol 20(9): e3001751.

Shipley, ON (Shipley, Oliver N.); Manlick, PJ (Manlick, Philip J.); Newton, AL (Newton, Alisa L.); Matich, P (Matich, Philip); Camhi, M (Camhi, Merry); Cerrato, RM (Cerrato, Robert M.); Frisk, MG (Frisk, Michael G.); Henkes, GA (Henkes, Gregory A.); LaBelle, JS (LaBelle, Jake S.); Nye, JA (Nye, Janet A.); Walters, H (Walters, Hans); Newsome, SD (Newsome, Seth D.); Olin, JA (Olin, Jill A.). 2022. Energetic consequences of resource use diversity in a marine carnivore. OECOLOGIA, 200(1-2): 65-78

Smith FA, Emma A Elliott Smith, Amelia Villaseñor, Catalina P Tomé, S Kathleen Lyons, Seth D Newsome. 2022. Late Pleistocene megafauna extinction leads to missing pieces of ecological space in a North American mammal community. PNAS. 119 (39) e2115015119.

Smith, RJ (Smith, Robert J.); Ohlert, T (Ohlert, Timothy); Geiser, LH (Geiser, Linda H.). 2022. Embracing Uncertainty and Probabilistic Outcomes for Ecological Critical Loads. ECOSYSTEMS.

Snyder LM, Belmares-Ortega J, Doherty CM, Denkers EY. 2022. Impact of MyD88, Microbiota, and Location on Type 1 and Type 3 Innate Lymphoid Cells during Toxoplasma gondii Infection. Immunohorizons. 2022 Sep 12;6(9):660-670.

Toews, DPL (Toews, David P. L.); Rhinehart, TA (Rhinehart, Tessa A.); Mulvihill, R (Mulvihill, Robert); Galen, S (Galen, Spencer); Gosser, SM (Gosser, Stephen M.); Johnson, T (Johnson, Tom); Williamson, JL (Williamson, Jessie L.); Wood, AW (Wood, Andrew W.); Latta, SC (Latta, Steven C.). 2022. Genetic confirmation of a hybrid between two highly divergent cardinalid species: A rose-breasted grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus) and a scarlet tanager (Piranga olivacea). ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 12(8): e9152.

Wen, JM (Wen, Jiaming); Fisher, JB (Fisher, Joshua B.); Parazoo, NC (Parazoo, Nicholas C.); Hu, LQ (Hu, Leiqiu); Litvak, ME (Litvak, Marcy E.); Sun, Y (Sun, Ying). 2022. Resolve the Clear-Sky Continuous Diurnal Cycle of High-Resolution ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration and Land Surface Temperature. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 58 (9):e2022WR032227.

Xu, QQ (Xu, Qingqing); Westerling, AL (Westerling, Anthony LeRoy); Notohamiprodjo, A (Notohamiprodjo, Andrew); Wiedinmyer, C (Wiedinmyer, Christine); Picotte, JJ (Picotte, Joshua J.); Parks, SA (Parks, Sean A.); Hurteau, MD (Hurteau, Matthew D.); Marlier, ME (Marlier, Miriam E.); Kolden, CA (Kolden, Crystal A.); Sam, JA (Sam, Jonathan A.); Baldwin, WJ (Baldwin, W. Jonathan); Ade, C (Ade, Christiana). 2022. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 17(8): 085008.


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