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Posted: Jul 08, 2022 - 12:00am


Here are some of the publications from the past month that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students:

Shipley, ON; Olin, JA; Whiteman, JP; Bethea, DM; Newsome, SD. 2022. Bulk and amino acid nitrogen isotopes suggest shifting nitrogen balance of pregnant sharks across gestation. OECOLOGIA. 

Coletto, JL; Besser, AC; Botta, S; Madureira, LASP; Newsome, SD. 2022. Multi-proxy approach for studying the foraging habitat and trophic position of a migratory marine consumer in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean. MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, 690:147-163. 

Manlick, PJ; Newsome, SD. 2022. Stable isotope fingerprinting traces essential amino acid assimilation and multichannel feeding in a vertebrate consumer. METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 

Pinto, Hudson A; Vitor L Tenório Mati; Alan L Melo; Sara V Brant. 2022. A putative new genus of avian schistosome transmitted by Biomphalaria straminea (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) in Brazil, with a discussion on the potential involvement in human cercarial dermatitis, 90:102607.

Zhou, Dajun; Kaiping Li; Robert D Miller; Richard J Siemen; Yongiun Zhou. 2022. Stamping machine and method including variable binder gap. US Patent: 17/102882. 26-05-2022. 

Parra, Amalia S; Christopher A Johnston. 2022. Emerging Roles of RNA-Binding Proteins in Neurodevelopment. Journal of Developmental Biology, 10(2):23.

McCullough, Jenna M, Carl Oliveros, Brett W Benz, Rosana Zenil-Ferguson, Joel Cracraft, Robert G Moyle, Michael J Andersen. 2022. Wallacean and Melanesian Islands Promote Higher Rates of Diversification within the Global Passerine radiation Corvides. Systematic Biology, syac044, 

Zeminick, Ash T; Sarah C Jones, Alex J Webster, Elizabeth Raymond, Kate Sandelin, Natasha Hessami, Tim Kowalczyk, Marjorie G Weber, Caroline Lund Dahlberg. 2022. Diversifying and Humanizing Scientist Role Models Through Interviews and Constructing Slide Decks on Researchers’ Research and Life Experiences. CourseSource

Pennock, C. A., P. Budy, S. A. Bonar, T. E. Dowling, K. B. Gido, E. I. Gilbert, B. R. Kesner, C. P. Paukert, M. C. Quist, J. Stahli, T. F. Turner, D. L. Ward. 2022. Assessment of potential augmentation and management strategies for Razorback Sucker Xyrauchen texanus in Lake Mead and Grand Canyon: A Science Panel Summary. UTCFWRU 2022 (3):1-31. 


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