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Posted: Mar 03, 2022 - 12:00pm

Here are some of the publications from the past month that are authored by UNM Biology's faculty, staff, and students:

Adelizzi, Rose; O'Brien, Elizabeth A; Hoellrich, Mikaela; Rudgers, Jennifer A; Mann, Michael; Fernandes, Vanessa Moreira Camara; Darrouzet-Nardi, Anthony; Stricker, Eva. 2022. Disturbance to biocrusts decreased cyanobacteria, N-fixer abundance, and grass leaf N but increased fungal abundance. Ecology, e3656. 

Besser, A. C., Elliott Smith, E. A., Newsome, S. D. (2022). Assessing the potential of amino acid δ13C and δ15N analysis in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. Journal of Ecology, 00, 1– 16. 

Blake, J.M., Brown, J.E., Ferguson, C.L., Bixby, R.J. 2022. Sediment cores in a municipal drinking-water reservoir as a record of geochemical transport within a watershed, Farmington Lake, New Mexico, USA. Environ Earth Sci, 81:96. 

Brady, Serina S; Moyle, Robert G; Joseph, Leo; Andersen, Michael J. 2022. Systematics and biogeography of the whistlers (Aves: Pachycephalidae) inferred from ultraconserved elements and ancestral area reconstruction. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 168:107379. 

Carroll, Emma L.; Dunshea, Glenn; Ott, Paulo H.; Valenzuela, Luciano O.; Baker, C. S.; Childerhouse, Simon J.; Gaggiotti, Oscar; Flores, Paulo A. C.; Groch, Katia Regina; Gröcke, Darren R.; Hindell, Mark A.; Lundquist, David; Oliveira, Larrissa R.; Rowntree, Victoria; Sironi, Mariano; Newsome, Seth D. 2022. Variation in d13C and d15N values of mothers and their calves across southern right whale nursery grounds: the effects of nutritional stress?. Marine Mammal Science, 1-14. 

Cook, K; Sharma, J; Taylor, AD; Herriott, I; Taylor, DL. 2022. Epiphytic fungal communities vary by substrate type and at submetre spatial scales. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY. 

Elliott Smith, E. A., Fox, M. D., Fogel, M. L., & Newsome, S. D. (2022). Amino acid δ13C fingerprints of nearshore marine autotrophs are consistent across broad spatiotemporal scales: An intercontinental isotopic dataset and likely biochemical drivers. Functional Ecology, 00, 1– 13. 

Hawlitschek, Oliver; Ortiz, Edgardo M; Noori, Sajad; Webster, Kathleen C; Husemann, Martin; Pereira, Ricardo J. 2022. Transcriptomic data reveals nuclear-mitochondrial discordance in Gomphocerinae grasshoppers (Insecta: Orthoptera: Acrididae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 170:107439. 

Lawing, A Michelle; McCoy, Michael; Reinke, Beth A; Sarkar, Susanta K; Smith, Felisa A; Wright, Derek. 2022. A Framework for Investigating Rules of Life by Establishing Zones of Influence. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 61(6):2095-2108. 

Le, AD; Wearing, HJ; Li, DS. 2022. Streamlining physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model design for intravenous delivery of nanoparticle drugs. CPT-PHARMACOMETRICS & SYSTEMS PHARMACOLOGY. 

Lorenti, Eliana; Brant, Sara V; Gilardoni, Carmen; Diaz, Julia I; Cremonte, Florencia. 2022. Two new genera and species of avian schistosomes from Argentina with proposed recommendations and discussion of the polyphyletic genus Gigantobilharzia (Trematoda, Schistosomatidae). Parasitology, 1-59. 

Ramirez, Richard W; Riddell, Eric A; Beissinger, Steven R; Wolf, Blair O. 2022. Keeping your cool: thermoregulatory performance and plasticity in desert cricetid rodents. The Journal of Experimental Biology, jeb.243131. 

Song, Lin; Luo, Wentao; Griffin-Nolan, Robert J; Ma, Wang; Cai, Jiangping; Zuo, Xiaoan; Yu, Qiang; Hartmann, Henrik; Li, Mai-He; Smith, Melinda D; Collins, Scott L; Knapp, Alan K; Wang, Zhengwen; Han, Xingguo. 2022. Differential responses of grassland community nonstructural carbohydrate to experimental drought along a natural aridity gradient. The Science of the Total Environment, 822: 153589. 

Trivellone, Valeria; Hoberg, Eric P; Boeger, Walter A; Brooks, Daniel R. 2022. Food security and emerging infectious disease: risk assessment and risk management. Royal Society Open Science, 9(2): 211687. 

Van Horn, David J., Justin K Reale, Thomas P Archdeacon. 2022. Water quality in three potential drought refuges in an arid-land river: assessing habitat suitability for at-risk fish species. Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 423:7. 

Ye, Xiayan; Lee, Cheng-Shiuan; Shipley, Oliver N; Frisk, Michael G; Fisher, Nicholas S. 2022. Risk assessment for seafood consumers exposed to mercury and other trace elements in fish from Long Island, New York, USA. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 176:113442. 

Zald, Harold S.J., Chance C. Callahan, Matthew D. Hurteau, Marissa J. Goodwin, Malcolm P. North. 2022. Tree growth responses to extreme drought after mechanical thinning and prescribed fire in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest, USA. Forest Ecology and Management, 510:120107.


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