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UNM Biology Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The UNM Biology Department offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

B.A. Requirements

B.S. Requirements

Note: Subject "topics" courses (i.e., Biol. 401, 404, 419, 409, 406) count as regular upper-division courses in the breadth requirements.

Biology Minor Requirements

Recommended for prospective Biology Majors:

       Biol. 1150 (previously 191). Biodiversity. (3) A broad survey of biodiversity—past, present, and future—with an emphasis on major groups in the tree of life (e.g., insects, plants, vertebrates, fungi, bacteria, etc.) and how humans interact with Earth’s biodiversity. Biodiversity is explored as it relates to Earth's history, mass extinctions, conservation, economics, ecology, evolution, and human society. Also explores ways in which biodiversity is catagorized (taxonomy and systematics) and cataloged for study (museums).

We also offer three concentrations:

For more information, consult the University Catalog and / or the Biology A&S Advisors (email) / (Advisor's Schedules) (advisement hours).

Plans for Assessing Student Learning Outcomes:


Updated February 2020