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Department of Biology
167 Castetter Hall
Telephone: (505) 277-3411

UNM Biology, Castetter Hall 1480
MSC03-2020, 219 Yale Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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UNM Biology Dept. Staff Duties

Dept. Staff Duties

Contact information for the core staffDepartment Personnel List for others.

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* Cayuse Support: James Firkins
* Contract Budgets: James Firkins
* Department Financial Policies: Nathan Holscher
* F&A Distribution Questions: Nathan Holscher
* General Inquiries: Nathan Holscher
* Grant Budgets: James Firkins
* Grant Closeouts: Kathy Madrid; Nathan Holscher
* Journal Vouchers (JVs): Kathy Madrid
* JV Approvals: Nathan Holscher
* Monthly Billing JVs: Tayli Larreategui
* Monthly Reporting: Kathy Madrid
* No-cost Extensions: James Firkins
* Office of Sponsored Projects Inquiries: James Firkins
* Payment of Services (< $10,000): Tayli Larreategui
* PCard Review: Shareen Siegrist
* PCard Reviewer and Reconciler: Tayli Larreategui
* Pre-proposals: James Firkins
* Proposal Submission for Grants and Contracts: James Firkins
* Purchasing of Goods: Tayli Larreategui
* Purchasing of Goods and Services (> $10,000): Shareen Siegrist
* Reimbursement Approvals: Nathan Holscher
* Requisition Approvals: Nathan Holscher
* Requisitions (MR & PR): Tayli Larreategui
* Travel Booking: Shareen Siegrist
* Travel Reimbursements: Shareen Siegrist
* Unrestricted and Grant Accounting Inquiries: Kathy Madrid: Nathan Holscher

Animal Care: Jacob Field

Annual Physical Inventory and New Asset Tags: Bruce Yazzie

Convocation (Graduation) (Program and web page): Anne Rice

Core Biology Courses (112, 124, 201, 202, 203, and 204): Morgan Pettit
* Cleaning Labs
* Collecting Field Specimens
* Coordinating Intradepartmental Resource Sharing
* Issuing & Tracking of Orange Cards for Students Who Need to Attend an Alternate Lab Section
* Lab Chemical Safety Officer
* Liaison between Principle Lecturer, T.A.s and Undergraduate Students
* Maintaining and Culturing Live Lab Assets (roaches, Darkling Beetles, bacteria, fungi, algae, Daphnia, etc.)
* Maintaining Display Terraria and Aquaria
* Maintaining, Troubleshooting and Repairing Lab Equipment
* Negotiating Discounts with Vendors
* Ordering Supplies and Equipment for Core Biology Labs
* Safe Storage and Disposal of Biohazard Materials
* Inventory

Coordination of Department Interactions with the College of A&S, Provost, and OVPR: Donna George

Coordination of Departmental IT, Human Resources, and Accounting: Donna George

Departmental Class Schedule: Cheryl Martin

Departmental Course Catalog: Cheryl Martin

Departmental Email Listservs: Anne Rice

Departmental Fleet Vehicles (scheduling): Bruce Yazzie

Departmental Human Resources: Donna George

Departmental Personnel List: Anne Rice

Departmental Storeroom: Bruce Yazzie
* Audio/Visual Equipment Check-out (laptops and projectors)
* Key Cards
* Minor Office Supplies
* Surplusing (obsolete or irreparably broken equipment)

Departmental Website (user accounts and departmental content): Anne Rice

Desk Copies of Textbooks: Cheryl Martin

Ebillboard: Anne Rice

Effort Certifications: Donna George

Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF): Evan Sandoval

Esurvey (Opinio): Anne Rice

Facility Operations: Phil Johnston
* Chemical Fume Hoods
* Classroom Audio/Visual Equipment
* Custodial Services
* Department Facility Services Tech (all requests for his services must be made through Phil Johnston)
* Departmental Storeroom: Bruce Yazzie
* ERM (Enterprise Reagent Manager) Program (lab chemical inventory database)
* Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Construction Efforts for Castetter Hall and Marron Hall, and Areas Surrounding These Buildings
* FAMIS (University Space database)
* Identify and Resolve Chronic and Acute Deficiencies in the Biology Department Facilities
* Lock Shop
* PPD Activities in Biology Department
* Safety Issues for Castetter Hall and Marron Hall
* Telephones
* UNM Chemical Lab Safety Committee
* Ventilation

Facility Services Tech (all requests for his services must be made through Phil Johnston):
* Ceiling Tile Replacement
* Cooling
* DI Water
* Doors and Locks
* Eye Wash/Safety Shower Testing and Maintenance
* Facility Safety
* Flooring
* Heating
* Lighting
* Minor Carpentry
* Painting
* Plumbing
* Unlocking/Locking Doors
* Unusual Smells and Odors

Faculty Hires: Donna George

Forms Online (Formstack): Anne Rice

Graduate Program: Cheryl Martin
* Admissions
* Assistantship Contracts
* Curriculum
* Graduate Degree Inquiries
* Graduate Student Orientation and Welcome
* Graduate Student Paperwork
* Graduate Student Records
* Registration Overrides for Duplicate Course Issues

Hallway Directories: Anne Rice

IDEA Forms: Cheryl Martin

Medical and Basic Microbiology Laboratories: Yvonne Bishop
* Coordinator
* Culturing and Storage of Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) Bacteria
* Stock Bacterial Cultures
* Stock Media for Culturing Bacteria and a Few Other Microorganisms

Molecular Biology Facility (MBF): Melissa Sanchez
* Billing of Services and Supplies
* Coordination of Sanger and 454 DNA Sequencing
* Maintenance and Instruction on the Use of MBF Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
* Management

Oversight of Departmental Payroll Processing: Donna George

Oversight of Departmental Staff Hires and Student Hires: Donna George

Payroll: Evan Sandoval

Public Information Representative, Chair’s Office: Catherine St. Clair
* Administrative Support to the Department Chair
* Promotion and Tenure Coordinator
* Adjunct Appointment Coordinator
* J1/H1-B Visa Coordinator
* Public Information Rep:
    ** Gather and Disseminate Department News and Information
    ** Department Liaison and Coordinator for Public and Media Relations
    ** Donor Relations

Purchasing Requests Approval: Donna George

Requests for New Positions from HR Compensation: Donna George

Requests for Staff Career Ladders and Reclassifications: Donna George

Requests for Staff Hires from the College of Arts & Sciences: Donna George

Research Day (abstract submissions, Program & Abstracts, and web pages): Anne Rice

Ricoh Copier (set-up of: user accounts [upon approval by Accounting] and scanning UNM email addresses): Anne Rice

Room Reservations for Castetter Hall 51, 55, 57, 100: Cheryl Martin

Room Reservations for Castetter Hall 258 and 31: Biology Main Office Staff (167 Castetter)

Scholarships: Cheryl Martin

Shipping and Receiving: Bruce Yazzie
* Delivery of Products and Shipments
* FedEx:
    ** Shipping labels and supplies (upon approval by Accounting)
    ** Assistance preparing FedEx shipments
    ** Delivery to Dept. Main Office for FedEx pickup
* Receives Products and Shipments

Staff Hires and Human Resources: Evan Sandoval

Student Hires: Evan Sandoval

Surplus: Bruce Yazzie

Surveys (Opinio): Anne Rice

Temporary Part-time (TPT) Hires: Evan Sandoval

Term Extension Renewals: Evan Sandoval

Time Sheets: Evan Sandoval


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