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UNM Biology Seminars

UNM Biology Spring 2020 Seminar Schedules

As of March 18, 2020, all in-person departmental and Brown Bag seminars are cancelled for the Spring semester. Instead, Zoom presentations of Brown Bag seminars will be available; details can be found via UNMBio-L email updates.

Department of Biology seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (until 4:45 p.m.)
in Castetter Hall 100, except where otherwise noted.

*** Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the Public Greenhouse at 3:10 p.m. ***

If you would like to host a Thursday seminar speaker,
please contact Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Updated: March 25, 2020

ALSO Wednesday Noon Brown Bag Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 23    
Jan. 30 Dr. Oliver Mueller-Cajar
(host: Dr. David Hanson)
CO2 Fixing Liquid Droplets: The Biochemistry of Microalgal Pyrenoids.
Feb. 6    
Feb. 13 Dr. Grant Meyer
(host: Dr. Scott Collins)
Beavers and the State of Streams in Greater Yellowstone.
Feb. 20    
Feb. 27    
March 5    
March 12

Dr. Jessie Uehling
(host: Dr. Don Natvig)

Systems Biology Reveals Co-evolution of Fungi and Their Bacterial Endosymbionts.
March 19 —Spring Break—
March 26 Dr. Jens Stevens
(host: Dr. Matt Hurteau)
Causes and Consequences of Spatial Variation in Forest Disturbance Severity.
April 2 Research Days
April 9 Dr. Tyler Kartzinel
(host: Dr. Setth Newsome)
April 16

Dr. Eric Griffin,
Assistant Professor of Biology, N.M. Highlands University
(host: Rudgers Lab)

The Little Things That Run the World: Understanding Plant Community Dynamics Through the (Small) Lens of Microbiomes.
April 23

Dr. Jane Marks
(host: Alexi Besser)

April 30 Dr. Colleen Jonsson
(host: Dr. Joe Cook
& Schuyler Liphardt)
May 7    


Brown Bag Seminars
Noon, Wednesdays, 100 Castetter Hall

As of March 18, 2020, all in-person Brown Bag seminars are cancelled for the Spring semester. Instead, beginning on April 1st, Zoom presentations of Brown Bag seminars will be available.
Details can be found via via UNMBio-L email updates.

Brown Bag Seminars are coordinated by Christopher Witt, but scheduled by Jessie Williamson

Date Speaker Title
January 29 Dr. Adam Ali Wildfires in Boreal Ecosystem: Causes and Consequences.
February 5 Jen Stevens Historical and Contemporary Biogeography of Western Forests and Their Fire Regimes.
February 12 Andrea Chavez,
U.S. Forest Service
Working as a Biologist for the Feds.
February 19 Ian Wallace Osteoarthritis as an Evolutionary Mismatch Disease.
February 26 Eva Stricker Carbon Ranch Initiative.
March 4 Tanner Shea Can a Sex Bias Be a Good Thing? Modeling Spontaneous Clearance in Hepatitis C.
March 11 Drs. Irene Salinas & Felisa Smith Tips for Effective Scientific Presentations.
March 18 —Spring Break—
April 1 Kat Schroeder
Presented via Zoom
Mind the Gap: Community Level Non-Avian Dinosaur Body Size Distributions and the Juvenile Megatheropod Morphospecies Hypothesis.
April 8

Kimberly Wright
Presented via Zoom

Genetic Engineering Microalage to Stimulate an Increase of Carbon Storage Molecules for Biofuels.
April 15 Corrie Reasner
Presented via Zoom
April 22 Ben Gerstner
Presented via Zoom
April 29 Kel Cook
Presented via Zoom
May 6 Ryan Schulze
Presented via Zoom
Rapid Return of Net Carbon Sink in a Southwestern Forest after High Intensity Fire.

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