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UNM Biology Seminars

UNM Biology Spring 2017 Seminar Schedules

Department of Biology seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (until 4:45 p.m.)
in Castetter Hall 100, except where noted.

*** Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the Public Greenhouse at 3:10 p.m. ***

If you would like to host a Thursday seminar speaker,
please contact Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Updated: April 25, 2017

ALSO Wednesday Noon Brown Bag Seminars

Date Speaker Title
January 19 open  
January 26 open  
February 2 open  
February 9 open  
February 16 open  
February 23 Dr. Kate McCulloh
(hosts: Dr. Will Pockman & Diana Macias)
Tall Tales: Changes in Structure and Function of Xylem of Conifers with Increasing Height.
March 2 Dr. Sharina Desai
(host: Irene Salinas)
Transcriptional Regulation of Early Endocardial Development in the Zebrafish.
March 9 Dr. Rebecca Eliza Hewitt
(host: Dr. Lee Taylor)
The Roles of Plant Roots, Mycorrhizal Fungi and Uptake of Deep Nitrogen in the Permafrost Carbon Feedback to Warming Climate.
March 16 —Spring Break—
March 23 Dr. Bruce Hungate
(host: Dr. Scott Collins)
Molecules, Microbes, Math, and Meaning.
March 30 Dr. Michael Andersen Annual Research Day: Departmental Research Presentation, “The Avian Tree of Life in the Phylogenomics Era.”
April 6

Dr. Alistair Rogers
(host: Dr. David Hanson)

The Representation of Photosynthesis in Terrestrial Biosphere Models.
April 13 Dr. Kiran Bhaskar
(host: Dr. Irene Salinas)
A Double Whammy: How Misfolded Tau Could Hijack the Immune System to Propagate Itself and Induce Neuroinflam-mation?
April 20


April 27 Dr. Joff Silberg
(host: Dr. Jennifer Rudgers)
New Synthetic Biology Tools for Studying Microbial Dynamics in Soils.
May 4 Dr. Egbert Schwartz
(host: Dr. Cristina Takacs-Vesbach)
Stable Isotope Probing with 18O-water.


Brown Bag Seminars
Noon, Wednesdays, 100 Castetter Hall

Brown Bag Seminars are coordinated by Christopher Witt, but scheduled by Erika Gendron

Date Speaker Title
January 18 open  
January 25 Janeth Pena,
Dr. Diana Northup & Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne
Supporting Diversity in STEM.
February 1 Amanda Liebrecht Extreme Climatic Events Drive Physiological Changes in a Piñon–Juniper Woodland.
February 8 open  
February 15 open  
February 22 Brian Alfaro Environmental Predictors of Regional Invasive Plant species Richness in Wildlands of Western United States.
March 1 Noah Silva Modeling Dengue Fever and Zika Virus, Immunogenic Cross Talk and Vaccine Effects.
March 8 Ali Fretz Growth Differences in Piñon Pine Can Predict Tree Mortality Patterns.
March 22 Dr. Randy Thornhill  Parasites as Ecological and Evolutionary Causes of Human Values and Associated Social Behavior.
March 29 Samantha Cordova Genetic Approach to Population Ecology and Conservation of the Sacramento Mountain Salamander.
April 5 Dr. Elisa Casadei Microbial Interactions and Immune Responses in Olfactory Sensory Neurons.
April 12 Joshua Lynn Biotic Interactions Are Key in Predicting Plant Species Elevation Distributions.
April 19 Jocelyn Colella Islands as Drivers of Diversity: A Genomic Perspective on Mesocarnivore Diversity and Hybridization.
April 26 Larissa Anderson Modeling the Within-host Dynamics of Schistosoma Mansoni: The Consequences of Inconsistent Treatment Efficacy for Disease Control.
May 3 Dr. Diana Northup, Marie Westover & Jason Kimble Talking Science to the Young and Enthusiastic (or Not).

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