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UNM Biology Research Faculty

Research Faculty

Research Professors

  • Donald W. DuszynskiPh.D. (Biology), Colorado State University, 1970. Parasitology, specifically the taxonomy and systematics of the coccidia of wild animals; see http://biology.unm.edu/coccidia/home.html. eimeria@unm.edu
  • David J. SchmidlyPh.D. (Zoology),University of Illinois–Champaign/Urbana, 1971. Past UNM President. Natural history of mammals of the Southwest, especially Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico; mammalian systematics, particularly those of the genus Peromyscus; and conservation of habitats.

Research Associate Professors

  • Kristine JohnsonPh.D., The University of New Mexico, 1986. Senior Research Associate, New Mexico Natural Heritage Program. Avian conservation biology and behavioral ecology.  kjohnson@unm.edu
  • Esteban H. MuldavinPh.D. (Biology) New Mexico State University, 1988. Ecology Group Coordinator for the New Mexico Natural Heritage Program. Conservation biology, vegetation classification and mapping, vegetation dynamics and ecological history.  muldavin@unm.edu
  • Si-Ming ZhangPh.D. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1998. Molecular biology of immune defense in molluscs, mechanisms of invertebrate immunity. zhangsm@unm.edu

Research Assistant Professors

  • Becky BixbyPh.D. (Biology), University of Michigan, 2001. Periphyton ecology and biodiversity research. bbixby@unm.edu
  • Sara V. BrantPh.D. (Biology), University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2002. Parasitology, host–parasite interactions and coevolution, parasite systematics. sbrant@unm.edu
  • Bishoy Kamel HannaPh.D. (Biology), The Pennsylvania State University, 2016. Parasite and host evolution, symbiosis, biomineralization, development of computational biology methods, reverse ecology approaches, characterization of metabolic networks in multipartite symbiosis, and invertebrate genome evolution. bishoyh@unm.edu
  • Megan J. OsbornePh.D. (Biology), La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 2002. Population genetics, evolution, immunogenetics and conservation biology of fishes. mosborne@unm.edu

Secondary Appointments

Charles E. (Chad) Melancon III, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, The University of New Mexico. Research Interests: bioinformatics- and systematics-guided natural product discovery, biosynthesis, and bioengineering in bacteria; de novo bacterial genome sequencing; synthetic biology; environmental microbiology. Research Areas: computational biology and genomics; genetics; microbial ecology; microbiology; molecular evolution; and systematics/phylogenetics. cemelanc@unm.edu