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Department of Biology
167 Castetter Hall
Telephone: (505) 277-3411

UNM Biology, Castetter Hall 1480
MSC03-2020, 219 Yale Blvd NE
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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UNM Biology Personnel

Core Staff

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Telephone E-mail
Arzate, Emily Dept. HR Rep. 165B Castetter Hall 277-3266 ejoslyna@unm.edu
Cox, John Facilities Services Manager 131 Castetter Hall 220-1857 jbcox@unm.edu
George, Donna Department Administrator 167C Casetter Hall 277-1715 dgeorge@unm.edu
Martin, Cheryl

Student Programs Specialist
(Graduate Program)

Graduate Program Coordinator

178 Castetter Hall 277-1712



Rice, Anne Data Manager 2C Castetter Hall 259-8497 aerice@unm.edu
St. Clair, Catherine Public Information Representative for the Dept. Chair 167F Castetter Hall 277-2496 cstclair@unm.edu
Yazzie, Bruce Lead Shipping/Receiving Clerk 1480 Castetter Hall 277-8320



Accounting Personnel

Name Title Office Telephone E-mail
Firkins, Jim Contract & Grant Adiministrator 111 Castetter Hall 277-1560 jfirkins@unm.edu
Holscher, Nathan Mgr., Research Administration 188 Castetter Hall 277-1794


Jensen, Jaye Accountant III 113 Castetter Hall 277-3410


Lam, Tayli Fiscal Services Tech. 111 Castetter Hall 277-2742


Siegrist, Shareen Sr. Fiscal Services Tech. 111 Castetter Hall 277-3554 shareen@unm.edu