Research Interests


Peter Stacey with owl

My research program centers upon field and laboratory studies in conservation biology, population ecology and genetics, and behavioral ecology. I am interested in theoretic and field studies of metapopulation structures, and how dispersal and mating system affects genetic population structure and social behavior. I also have developed a strong interest in the conservation of small populations and the restoration of riparian ecosystems. Current research projects with various colleagues include 1) field studies and simulation models of dispersal behavior and metapopulation dynamics, 2) population biology, genetic structure, and conservation of the Mexican Spotted Owl and the Flammulated Owl, 3) habitat selection, ecology and the restoration of bird populations and communities in riparian ecosystems, including the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, and 4) development of a rapid assessment protocol to measure and monitor the health of riparian ecosystems in arid regions like the American Southwest.