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Current Graduate Students:

Tierney Adamson:  Soil enzyme and microbial activity along an elevation and biome gradient in relation to net ecosystem carbon exchange.

Sarah Hicks:  Role of plant-microbe interaction in climate driven succession of alpine tundra communities.

Sara Lopez:  Denitrification potential of dominant symbiotic and free-living fungi of semiarid grassland.

Jennifer Tichy:  Nutrient dynamics of riparian forests along the middle Rio Grande.

Daniel Warnock: Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of forest ecosystems.

Recent Graduate Students:

Marcy Gallo, Ph.D.
Jennifer Hathaway, M.S.
Christian Lauber, Ph.D.
Martina Stursova, M.S.

Other Recent Affiliated Graduate Students:

Chelsea Crenshaw, Ph.D.
Laura Green, M.S.
Mary Harner, Ph.D.
Andrea Porras-Alfaro, Ph.D.
Jennifer Follstad Shah, Ph.D.
David Van Horn, Ph.D.
Lydia Zeglin, Ph.D.