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UNM Biology Fall 2015 Seminar Schedules

Department of Biology seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in Castetter Hall 100,
except where noted.

*** Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the Public Greenhouse at 3:10 p.m. ***

If you would like to host a Thursday seminar speaker,
please contact Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Updated: May 26, 2015

ALSO Wednesday Noon Brown Bag Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Aug. 20

Dr. Yiqi Luo (骆亦其)
Host: Will Pockman

Big Data Science in Ecology.
Aug. 27 open  
Sept. 3 open  
Sept. 10 open  
Sept. 17 open  
Sept. 24 open  
Oct. 1 open  
Oct. 8 —Fall Break—
Oct. 15 open  
Oct. 22 open  
Oct. 29 open  
Nov. 5 open  
Nov. 12 open  
Nov. 19 open  
Nov. 26 —Thanksgiving Holiday—
Dec. 3 open  


Brown Bag Seminars
Noon, Wednesdays, 100 Castetter Hall

Brown Bag Seminars are coordinated by Christopher Witt, but scheduled by Erika Gendron

Date Speaker Title
Aug. 19 open  
Aug. 26 Heather Buelow Differential Abundance and Expression of Soil Microbes in McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.
Sept. 2 Jenny Noble Foraging Characteristics of a Small Mammal Community in a Nutritent Limited Ecosystem.
Sept. 9 Rae DeVan Interactions Between Fire, Fungi, and the Changing Boreal Forest.
Sept. 16 Ara Kooser Diversity of Bacteria and Fungi Living on Flying Islands (Bats).
Sept. 23 Caleb Loughran Thermal and Behaviorial Ecology of the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake in Washington State.
Sept. 30 Melissa Sanchez The Host–Parasite Interaction in Schistosomiasis.
Oct. 7 John Grady Competition for Light and Carbon in Forests.
Oct. 14 John Roesgen Effects of Silica Sol-Gel Encapsulation on Photosynthetic Algae.
Oct. 21 Martina Laidemitt Exploiting Biotic Diversity to Control Human Disease: Schistosomes and Competing Trematode Larvae in Kenyan Freshwater Habitats as a Model System.
Oct. 28 Kayce Bell Codivergence, Host-Switching, and Complicated Histories in Chipmunk Parasites.
Nov. 4 Lijun Lu Identification of Cryptic Infections of Schistosoma mansoni in Field-Collected Biomphalaria pfeifferi.
Nov. 11 Grey Gustafson Giggin Round the World: Phylogenetic Relationships and Biogeography of the Whirligig Beetle Tribe Dineutini.
Nov. 18 Lukas Bell-Dereske Plant–Fungal Mutualism Mediates Plant–Plant Interactions in the Great Lake Dunes.
Nov. 25 Eva Dettweiler-Robinson Resource Exchanges Mediated by Soil Fungi in Arid Lands.
Dec. 2 Brian Arfaro Sex and the City: Reproductive Ecology of an Invasive Mustard in the Desert Cities of Southern California.

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