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UNM Biology Seminars

UNM Biology Fall 2016 Seminar Schedules

Department of Biology seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in Castetter Hall 100,
except where noted.

*** Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the Public Greenhouse at 3:10 p.m. ***

If you would like to host a Thursday seminar speaker,
please contact Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Updated: December 5, 2016

ALSO Wednesday Noon Brown Bag Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Aug. 25 open  
Sept. 1 Dr. Jay Storz
(host: Dr. Chris Witt)
Causes of Parallel Molecular Evolution.
Sept. 8 open  
Sept. 15 open  
Sept. 22 open  
Sept. 29 Dr. Sharon Strauss
(host: Dr. Jennifer Rudgers)
Combining Historical Phylogenetic and Contemporary Ecological Approaches to Understand Niche Evolution in a Clade of Native Mustards.
Oct. 6 Dr. Irene Salinas The Smell of Danger: Olfactory Detection of Pathogens and Immune Responses in Vertebrates.
Oct. 13 —Fall Break—
Oct. 20 Dr. Marcy Litvak Quantifying the Response and Resilience of Carbon Dynamics in Semi-arid Biomes in the Southwestern U.S. to Drought.
Oct. 27 Dr. Matthew Hurteau Climate and Wildfire Influences on Forest Carbon Carrying Capacity.
Nov. 3 Dr. Coen Adema Snail Immunoparasitology, the Next Generation.
Nov. 10 Dr. Jennifer Rudgers Ecological Consequences of Mutualisms under a Changing Climate: Small Fungi with Big Impacts.
Nov. 17 Dr. Kelly Miller Biology in the Age of Diving Beetles.
Nov. 24 —Thanksgiving—
Dec. 1 Dr. Kevin McCracken
(host: Dr. Michael Anderson)
Genetic Adaptation & Phenotypic Plasticity in High-altitude Ducks.
Dec. 8 Dr. Ellis Margolis
(host: Dr. Marcy Litvak)
Climate, Salamanders, Fire, Forests, and Water Supply: Through the Lens of Tree Rings.


Brown Bag Seminars
Noon, Wednesdays, 100 Castetter Hall

Brown Bag Seminars are coordinated by Christopher Witt, but scheduled by Erika Gendron

Date Speaker Title
Aug. 24    
Aug. 31 Lisa Barrow Evolutionary Insights from Analyses of Spatial Genetic Variation in North American Frogs.
Sept. 7 Ara Winter External Bat Genomics.
Sept. 14    
Sept. 21 Sydney Jones Methods for Quantifying and Visualizing Temporal Community Dynamics.
Sept. 28    
Oct. 5    
Oct. 12 Justin Reale The Effects of Catastrophic Wildfire on Water Quality, Whole-stream Metabolism and Stream Biota.
Oct. 19 Joseph Stinziano Boreal Forest Responses to Climate Change.
Oct. 26 Kelli Feeser The Role of Gut Microbiota in Mouse Protein Metabolism.
Nov. 2 Deborah Boro Explaining Species Distribution and Dominance: A Mechanism for the Abundance–Occupancy Relationship.
Nov. 9 Alesia Hallmark Zombie Creosote: Curious Movements of Seemingly Dead Branches Are Related to Plant Water Status.
Nov. 16 Ali Sepahi Nasal Immunity in Rainbow Trout.
Nov. 23    
Nov. 30 Bethaney Fehrenkamp The Role of Lactation in Neonatal Development.
Dec. 7 Lukas Bell-Dereske, Anny Chung & Marie Westover Whose Talk Is It Anyway? A Celebration of the Breadth of Research in the Biology Department.

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