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UNM Biology Spring 2014 Seminar Schedules

Department of Biology seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in Castetter Hall 100,
except where noted.

*** Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the Public Greenhouse at 3:10 p.m. ***

If you would like to host a Thursday seminar speaker,
please contact Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Updated: March 11, 2014

ALSO Biol. 502 Wednesday Noon Brown Bag Seminars



Title of Talk

Jan. 28
Jan. 30 Reserved  
Feb. 6 Reserved  
Feb. 11
Feb. 13 Reserved  
Feb. 20 Jason Hoeksema
(host: Jennifer Rudgers)
Genetic Variation and the Potential for Coevolution in Mycorrhizal Interactions.
Feb. 27 Open  
Mar. 6 Chris Williams
(host: Marcy Litvak)
Long-lasting Legacies from Fire, Beetles, and Drought Expanding Across the Western U.S.: Implications for Carbon, Water, and Climate.
Mar. 13 Todd Rosenstiel
(host: David Hanson)
The Wonderful World of Moss: Volatile Tales from the Pacific Northwest. CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS.
Mar. 27 Jeffrey Good
(host: Joe Cook)
Developmental Syndromes Underlying the Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in Mammals.
April 10 Open  
April 17

Mark Uhen
(Host: Meghan Balk)

Where Did Whales Come From? An Exploration of Whale Evolution in Relation to Climate Change Over the Last 50 Million Years.
April 24 José Fernández-Robledo
(host: Irene Salinas)
May 1 Evan Carson,
Res. Asst. Prof., UNM
The Art of the Possible: Aquatic Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in the Chihuahuan Desert, México.
May 8 Michael Miller
(Host: Chris Johnston)


Brown Bag Seminars (Biol. 502)
Noon, Wednesdays, 100 Castetter Hall

Brown Bag Seminars are coordinated by Christopher Witt, but scheduled by Tatiana Flanagan



Title of Talk

Jan. 22 Xiaoben Jiang Influence of Temperature on Microbial Community Structure in Thermal Springs of Yellowstone National Park.
Jan. 29 Dan Krofcheck Use of Remote Sensing, Direct Measurements and Modeling to Link Structure and Function in Disturbed PJ Woodlands.
Feb. 5 Erika Gendron The Role of Host Use and Ecology on Parasite Evolution: Phylogeography and Population Genetics of a Trichobilharzia Species Complex.
Feb. 12 Trevor Fristoe Energy Use by Migrants in North American Winter Bird Communities.
Feb. 19 Lindsey Kaufman Unraveling the Mysteries of Plant Mating Systems in Raphanus sativus.
Feb. 26 Janeth Pena Characterization of Hemocyanin-like Sequences in Biomphalaria glabrata.
Mar. 5 Liam Lowrey Bacteria and Rainbow Trout. A Map of the Microbiome of Oncorhynchus mykiss.
Mar. 12 Sarah Buddenborg Studies on Transmission and Host–Parasite Relationships of Field-derived Biomphalaria pfeifferi and Schistosoma mansoni in Western Kenya.
Mar. 26 Mary Brandenburg Use of Larval Fish Otoliths to Elucidate Aspects of Reproductive Ecology and Early Life History of the Three Native Catostomids in the San Juan River.
April 2 Levi Gray Mexico, Biogeography, and the Silky Anole.
April 9 Bradley M. Truett Revisiting the Aquatic Ecomorph: Novel measurements in Anolis Lizards.
April 16 Ramesh Devkota Schistosomiasis in Nepal.
April 23 Francis Jack Triepke Patterns of Climate Change Vulnerability in the Southwest.
April 30 Lijing Bu Comparison of Evolutionarily Young Gene Duplicates Between Human and Chimpanzee.
May 7 Tyanna Lovato Conserved Cardiac Transcription Pathways in Drosophila.

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