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UNM Biology News Archive

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IMSD & MARC Students Win Poster Presentation Awards at SACNAS
2012 Annual Meeting
UNM Dept. of Biology Nov. 2012
UNM & CNM Facilitate Stem Pathway UNM Dept. of Biology June 2012
Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between Land Commissioner & UNM Dept. of Biology UNM Dept. of Biology April 2012
Phase I Addition Wins Award UNM Dept. of Biology Dec. 2010
Uncovering Evidence of Earth's
Impending Tipping Point
Dr. James H.Brown June 2012
Why Birds Vary in Rates of Egg Production Dr. James H. Brown June 2012
PIBBS: Energetic Limits to Economic Growth Dr. James. H. Brown Jan. 2011
Uppsala University Honors Dr. James H. Brown Jan. 2009
ASM Honoraria Member Election Dr. James H. Brown July 2006
Election to the National Academy
of Sciences
Dr. James H. Brown May 2005
Robert H. MacArthur Award in Ecology Dr. James H. Brown Oct. 2003
Scaling Laws Dr. James H. Brown Sept. 2003
Bio-Science Curator at NMMNH&S Dr. Ayesha Burdett Aug. 2012
American Academy
of Arts & Sciences Honors
Dr. Eric L. Charnov Apr. 2009
Becomes a Regent's Professor Dr. Scott Collins Aug. 2012
Manipulating Muscle Identity in Fruit Flies Dr. Richard Cripps Sept. 2012
A Short Interview about
Fly Muscle Gene Study (Video)
Dr. Richard Cripps Sept. 2012
Richard Cripps on NPR Dr. Richard M. Cripps Sept. 2005
Grant to Study Embryo Fly Heart Dr. Richard M. Cripps Mar. 2005
UNM'S 2007 Research Lecturer Dr. Clifford N. Dahm Nov. 2006
Research Finds Humans Pose Higher Risk
of Extinction for Marine Mammals
Dr. Ana Davidson Jan. 2012
Prestigous Award in Parasitology Dr. Randy DeJong July 2004
Armand Dichosa Wins
Presentation Award
Armand Dichosa March 2007
New Book Published Dr. Donald W. Duszynski Sept. 2009
Donald Duszynski Honored by ASP Dr. Donald W. Duszynski June 2007
Colorado State University Honor Dr. Donald W. Duszynski Aug. 2006
Morgan Ernest at Utah State University Morgan S.K. Ernest June 2005
CETI Researchers Work Philp Gerrish Mar. 2009
National Mammalogy Fellowship Awarded Jacob Goheen July 2004
Detecting a Botanical SOS Dr. David T. Hanson Sept. 2005
CETI & Colleagues Find New Species
of Hairworm
Dr. Ben Hanelt April 2012
Chasing Snails to Help Mankind Dr. Lynn Hertel Dec. 2002
ASTMH'S Shope Fellowship Award Dr. Christine Hice Aug. 2006
Land Iguana Reintroduction Dr. Bruce V. Hofkin Mar. 2005
Promoted to Distinguished Professor Dr. Eric S. Loker Aug. 2012
LTER Awarded 2010 AIBS Distinguished Scientists Award Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) May 2010
Elected to Board of Directors of Flora
North American Association
Dr. Timothy K. Lowrey Oct. 2009
INRAM Consortium Creates
a Biodiversity Electronic Database

Dr. Timothy K. Lowrey June 2005
Studying Contaminants
in the Rio Grande & Groundwater
Maceo Martinet June 2005
Dr. Rob Miller's Research Yields
New Kind of T-cell
Dr. Robert D. Miller Nov. 2011
Awarded A Miegunyah
Distinguished Visiting Fellowship
Dr. Robert D. Miller June 2009
Opossum Research Highlighted Dr. Robert D. Miller May 2007
$1.5M Endowed Chair in Sustainable Environmental Food Systems Dr. Bruce T. Milne March 2011
U.S. Chapter of the International Association
of Landscape Ecology Honor
Dr. Bruce T. Milne April 2006
Prestigious ASPB
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Christy Monzon May 2005
Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowship Awarded Dr. Janice Moore April 2005
MSB Awarded an NSF a Research Coordinating Network Grant Museum of Southwestern Biology May 2010
Named an AAAS Fellow Dr. Donald O. Natvig Nov. 2012
Two UNM Students Recipients of
the American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Dr. Diana Northup Sept. 2012
Dr. Diana Northup Interview: Texing Underground Can Save Lives Dr. Diana Northup Jan. 2010
Lava Cave Minerals Are
Actually Microbe Poop
Dr. Diana Northup Nov. 2009
Diana Northup Featured on NOVA Dr. Diana Northup Sept. 2005
Snottites, Phlegm Balls,
and Deadly Gases, Oh My!
Dr. Diana Northup Oct. 2003
Dr. William Pockman Named an A&S Regents’ Lecturer Dr. William Pockman May 2010
Southwestern River Otter
Re-discovered in New Mexico
Dr. Paul Polechla May 2005
Researching Water’s Interaction with Living Systems and its Role in Evolution Anthony Salvagno May 2012
Dr. Ursula Shepherd Named
U.S. Professor of the Year
Dr. Ursula Shepherd Nov. 2011
UNM Retains Travel Grant Dr. Ursula Shepherd Mar. 2005
Dr. Felisa Smith's Research Explores the Evolution of World’s Mammals over the Past 100 Million Years Dr. Felisa Smith Nov. 2010
Dr. Felisa Smith's Work with Large Mammals and Global Climate Dr. Felisa Smith May 2010
Growing Holy Ghost Ipomosis Phil Tonne & Joy Avritt Sept. 2005
Dr. Randy Thornhill's Work with Parasites, Personality and Politics Dr. Randy Thornhill May 2010
Saving the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Dr. Thomas F. Turner Sept. 2005
Whooping Cough Research Dr. Helen J. Wearing Oct. 2009
Appointment to Advisory Council of National Institute of General Medical Sciences Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne Jan. 2012
Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne Honored with 2011 Distinguished Scientist Award Dr. Margaret Werner-Wasburne Mar. 2011
Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne among 2010 UNM Sarah Belle Brown Award Recipients Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne May 2010
UNM Arts & Sciences Regents' Professor Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne May 2009
Elected AAAS Fellow Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne Nov. 2005
NACNAS Distinguished Scientist Award Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne Oct. 2005
Honored By ASCB Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne April 2005
2003 Presidential Award for Excellence
in Science, Mathematics
and Engineering Mentoring
Dr. Margaret Werner-Washburne July 2004
Why Birds Vary in Rates of Egg Production Dr. Christopher C. Witt June 2012
Distinguished Public Talk on
High Altitude Adaptation in Andean Birds
Dr. Christopher C. Witt Oct. 2009
Member of Board of Life Sciences,
Dr. Terry L. Yates July 2006
Bio Vision 2005 Dr. Terry L. Yates Apr. 2005
Filling in the Tree of Life Dr. Terry L. Yates Oct. 2003