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Michael M Fuller

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Population Studies

Work in progress. Last updated: April 16, 2007.
Map of Red Legged Frog

Origin and Distribution of Leopard Frogs in California

Mark Jennings and I described the distribution of native and exotic leopard frogs in California, focusing on frogs of the Rana pipiens complex. Among other information, we confirmed the native status of the northern leopard frog and lowland leopard frog in California, which was in question. We also documented the introduction of the southern leopard frog, a species native to the southeastern US. The map at left shows the distribution of the northern red-legged frog, southern red-legged frog, and Cascades frog (figure modified from Jennings and Hayes 1993, California Dept. Fish and Game Report).

Other Population Level Studies

In addition to my work on the leopard frogs, I have recently documented the presence of the Florida water snake in California, and I am currently working on models that describe the effect of climate on the spread of invasive species.