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Astronomy Picture of the Day
Presents a new photo each day of celestial objects, satellite photos, and other cool images from the cosmos.

The Institute for Environmental Modeling
TIEM was established by Dr. Louis Gross to develop computer models for ecological systems. TIEM's models are an important component of the Everglades restoration project.

The Institute for Biological Invasions
Invasive species often become important pests and can have negative impacts on native species and ecosystems. Many ecologists are studying ways to control invasives and discover what we can learn from their ability to invade ecosystems. From the web site: "Biological invasions provide unique opportunities for empirically testing the assumptions of many ecological theories."

Santa Fe Institute
I've spent many days at SFI, attending fascinating talks on cutting edge research by the top scientists of many fields, including ecology, economics, physics, molecular biology, and much more. Here is a photo from one of the workshops I attended (on the source of clumped patterns in ecological systems - we just called it the lumpiness workshop. Interesting cast of characters!

Boost Graph Libraries
Boost Graph is a set of Open Source C++ librairies designed for generating graphs (networks)
and for doing network analysis.
Boost Graph is just one of many libraries provided by Boost.org

LEDA Graph Theory Software
LEDA is a set of proprietary C++ graph librairies.
LEDA is produced by Algorithmic Solutions, a German software company.

Wolfram's MathWorld
An encyclopedia of mathematics that includes many useful descriptions
and examples of equations, functions, and distributions.

Dr. Louis Gross
Home page of my current (postdoctoral) advisor. A man of many talents.

Wagner Lab
Home to Andreas Wagner's lab (my graduate advisor for my Ph.D.)). Check out his new book here.

Brown Lab
Jim Brown was the graduate co-advisor for my Ph.D.. His home page describes a wide range of projects that explore the causes of ecological order and complexity.

Caryn Vaughn
Cayrn was my advisor for my MS in zoology from the Univeristy of Oklahoma. Caryn is doing really interesting research on freshwater mussels and has even constructed an artificial stream for studying mussel ecology!

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