My Previous Life as a Competitive Cyclist

This page (which is under construction) is dedicated to my 10 years in bicycle racing and journalism in Southern California (1979 - 1988), including 4 years as the managing editor and technical editor at CYCLIST Magazine (1984-1988), in Torrance, California.

Just some photos for now..."

Spring Training Camp, Team ARCO-SHIMANO North Hollywood Wheelmen 1981

Getting the day's training plans from our coach, Clement Kapliar (mispelled in the photo), are Arthur Tenn, me, and Roy Knickman. Guess I didn't feel like wearing a helmet that day.

San Diego Gran Prix 1982

(Above): That's me on the left (blue "helmet") about to jump past Jack Van Der Veen on the super fast back side of the UC San Diego Gran Prix. Notice the skinny-tubed steel bikes, sew-up tires (no clinchers!) and toe-clips? Here I'm on a De Rosa, a beautiful Italian bike built of high-tech chrome-moly (hey, it was high-tech back then!). We raced in the USCF 1-2 category event (what would today be called the "elite" category).

Los Angeles Criterium 1983

(Left): Waiting for the gun just before the start of the Coors Los Angeles Criterium. Why the strange headband arrangement? Back then cycling helmets were either simple leather hairnets, bulky touring helmets, or simple hard-hats like this job. I put the headband up there for laughs (and to spruce it up). Kent Bostick (the "Bostasaurus") wound up winning this race.

Below is a shot from the Torrance Criterium.

Team Ochsner, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2003

(Right): I made a brief comeback to competitive cycling in 2000-2003, joining the Ochsner racing team in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albquerque has a very active cycling community, with several top caliber racers. Maybe that's why I look so serious...