About Me

This is what I do.

I am a "scientist-programmer" and ecologist. That is, I develop software tools for science and also do field-based ecological research. Sometimes the software tools are for research I am conducting. Often, I develop tools for other scientists. In addition to programming and field ecology, my background includes zoology, computer modeling (simulations), statistics, and environmental impact analysis.

As an adjunct assistant professor in the Biology Dept., University of New Mexico, I work on a variety of research projects of my own, and assist other faculty in their research. I also advise graduate students on experimental design and data analysis.

Research: I'm currently exploring machine learning methods as a tool for analyzing ecological data.

As an ecologist, I typically work with environmental consulting firms and conservation organizations. My ecological work ranges from conducting field surveys, to analyzing field data, to providing reports, presentations, and policy recommendations.

Teaching: when department funds are available, I teach a graduate course in Biological Statistics with R at UNM. New Mexico is in a budget crises, with consequences for the university, so funds for "part-time" teaching are rarely available these days.