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Wild radish pollen tubes

Diane L Marshall

Professor, Regents' Lecturer
Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)
University of Texas, 1982

Research Interests

General Field:  Plant Population Biology

Specific Interests:  Plant reproductive ecology; the importance and mechanisms of sexual selection in plants; plant mating systems; placticity, especially in reproductive characters.

Current Projects:
  1. Does variation in pollen load size and seed paternity affect the success of progeny in an experimental garden?
  2. Is variation in pollen donor success heritable and what are the characteristics of successful pollen donors?
  3. Are there functional interactions among the processes that sort among mates at various levels?
  4. Do changes in allocation to male and female function over time affect pollen quality?

Previous Results From Wild Radish:
  1. Pollen donors vary in ability to sire seeds.

  2. Variation in pollen donor ability depends on both pollen competition and mate choice.

  3. Interference among pollen grains occurs in mixed pollinations.

  4. Pollen load size does not affect seed paternity in wild radish.

Wild Radish Bloom

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Wild radish bloom

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