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Jim Brown is very active in teaching, especially at the graduate level. In addition to the formal courses listed below, he is involved in many less structured activities. He supervises many students, including some undergraduates, doing independent study and Honors, Masters, and Doctoral thesis research.

Formal courses taught on a fairly regular basis include:

Macroecology (Biol. 511) an elective graduate core course to be taught Spring 2012. This course uses a large-scale approach to study the abundance, distribution and diversity of organisms.. (click here)

PIBBS Seminar (Biol. 503) is offered as TIBBS in Fall and SIBBS in Spring on Wednesday afternoons at 3 p.m. Felisa Smith and Jim Brown share faculty responsibilities. The seminar is actually run largely through PIBBS cohorts and . It takes up a wide variety of topics. HHMI supported scholars are expected to attend...

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