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Past Brown Lab Members

Dr. Krista AndersonKrista Anderson, PhD

Generally, I am interested in how metabolic rates of individuals are determined by the environment and how they affect higher-order ecological processes. I am researching the metabolic basis of succession-- that is, how the metabolic rates of community members affect succession rate. I have also been studying patterns in energy expenditure of birds and mammals across the latitudinal gradient.

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Dr. Jason BraggJason Bragg, PhD

I'm interested in the allometry of parasitism and immunity, or the way that organisms of different body sizes are attacked by, and need to defend themselves against, pathogens.


Dr. Jake GoheenJake Goheen, PhD

I am intrigued by questions at the interface of community ecology, macroecology, and biogeography. Specifically, I seek to understand if and how behaviors of individuals (e.g., dispersal, resource selection) influence the assembly, dynamics, and structure of ecological communities. Toward this end, I am comparing species interactions and emergent properties of communities in southeastern Arizona and central Kenya.

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Dr. Vaishali KarjuVaishali Katju, PhD

In a broad sense, my research interests are centered on various aspects of genome evolution. To date, I have employed bioinformatics and population-genetic approaches to study the early evolutionary history of gene duplicates and the role of gene duplication in the origin of novel genes. I am additionally interested in the molecular basis of speciation and have initiated experimental evolution experiments to explore the role of compensatory mutations in the origin of reproductive incompatibility. My research in the Brown lab aims to explore the link between metabolism and genome size evolution.

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