Meeting One: Santa Fe on 22-26 February 2007

       Meeting Two: Santa Fe on 11-15 October 2007 (see wiki for details)

       Meeting Three: Santa Fe on 8-11 March 2008 (upcoming; check wiki for updates)


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Meeting Two Photographs:


Meeting Two Participants (left to right): Dan Costa, Felisa Smith, Tamar Dayan, Jessica Theodor , Kate Lyons,
Jim Brown, Alison Boyer, Alistair Evans, Christy McCain, Mark Uhen, Mikael Fortelius & Morgan Ernest (not pictured)

Photo by Felisa Smith


Tamar enjoys a taste of cave living
Photo by Dan Costa

Alison & Mikael braving the ladders at Bandalier
Photo by Dan Costa


Beauty in Bandalier National Park
Photo by Dan Costa

Jessica gives us the Paleo perspective
Photo by Dan Costa

Felisa joins us in the cave dwelling
Photo by Dan Costa

Tamar & Christy love this place!
Photo by Dan Costa

Another Bandalier Beauty by Dan Costa


Jessica, Alison & Mikael climbing down
Photo by Dan Costa

Yes, mammalogists love Abert's squirrels
Photo by Dan Costa