Bruce V. Hofkin

Teaching at UNM

Biology 201: Molecular and Cell Biology

Taught every year, often both fall and spring. Frequently, this course is team-taught, with me usually teaching the second half of the semester.

Biology 202: Genetics

Taught approximately once every other year.

Biology 371: Invertebrate Zoology

Typically taught each fall semester.

Biology 450: General Virology

Biology 490: Biology of Infectious Organisms

Biology 450 & Biology 490 are taught alternately. I usually teach one of these two courses each spring, most commonly 450 in odd years and 490 in even years.

Biology 456/556: Immunology

Taught approximately every other year.

Biology 402: Topics: The Microbiology of History

Roman Coliseum Taught during the Spring 2010 semester at the UNM study center in Rome, Italy.

Architectural Detail

Capri Sea