PDF Documents related to Rio Grande silvery minnow (RGSM) genetics project

Reports to the Middle Rio Grande ESA Collaborative Program


Note:  Reports are considered drafts and should not be cited without permission of the authors.  The final project report is forthcoming and expected to be completed on 30 September 2005.  Finalized reports will be available through the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program website at http://mrgesacp.fws.gov/index.cfm


  • Annual Report – FY 2002 Conservation Genetics of Rio Grande silvery minnow, Hybognathus amarus: genetic evaluation of wild and captive stocks, 1999 to 2003 (pdf)


  • Annual Report – FY 2003  Genetic Consequences of Supportive Breeding in the Endangered Rio Grande Silvery Minnow (Hybognathus amarus):  Genetic Evaluation of Wild and Captively Reared and Propagated Stocks, 1999-2004 (pdf)


Preprints of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers


  • Osborne, M. J., M. A. Benavides, and T. F. Turner. 2005. Genetic heterogeneity among pelagic egg samples and variance in reproductive success in an endangered freshwater fish, Hybognathus amarus.  Environmental Biology of Fishes, in press. (pdf)


  • Osborne, M. J., D. Alò, M. Benavides, and T. F. Turner.  2005. Genetic effects of captive rearing and propagation in the Rio Grande silvery minnow, Hybognathus amarus.  Proceedings of the Aquatic Resources in Arid Lands Conference, Las Cruces New Mexico, in press. (pdf)


  • Alò, D., and T. F. Turner.  2005.  Effects of habitat fragmentation on genetic effective population size of the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow. Conservation Biology, in press (pdf)


  • Turner, T. F., T. E. Dowling, R. E. Broughton, and J. R. Gold. 2004. Variable microsatellite markers amplify across divergent lineages of cyprinid fishes. Conservation Genetics 5 (2): 279-281. (pdf)

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