Felisa A. Smith
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico

Essay by author Summer Wood on the Smith Lab Death Valley field work.

I am quite interested in effective science communication. Indeed, I think one reason many Americans lack an appreciation for science is because we scientists have had no voice. Instead, we let others (often actors and politicians) "talk" for us on scientific issues; nor have we been historically encouraged to speak to the public about what we do.

Accordingly, I maintain a "BioBlog", which is sponsored by the Biology Department at UNM and the Program in Interdisciplinary Biomedical and Biological Science (PiBBs). Our BioBlog brings together undergraduate and graduate students to develop and hone their skills in writing about science, and to constructively critique the writing of their peers. Students write short blogs on a subject of interest or describe personal experiences of research and discovery. The overall aim is to communicate to others in the department, university and general public our passion and excitement about what we do and about science in general, so that we may become better ambassadors for the general appreciation of science. We meet weekly on Fridays; come join us if you are interested!

Samples of blog posts I have written: