Felisa A. Smith
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico

I welcome inquiries from prospective graduate students. Generally, I will take on one or two new students per year, depending on the credentials of the applicants and how many of my current students are finishing. I confess to a strong preference for Ph.D. over Master students, since the former provides more time for project development and ideas. I am looking for bright, creative and motivated students who share some aspect of my research interests, but I don't intend to produce "mini-me's". My students come up with their own ideas for a dissertation. I provide help with ideas, perspective, mentoring and scientific guidance as needed and expect students to bring motivation, initiative and effort to the table. Keep in mind that a Ph.D. degree is not awarded for time served but for results, insights and publications. To date, students in my lab have worked on a wide variety of interesting projects including: life history studies, mammal evolution, paleomiddens, phylogeography, climate change research, the Great Biotic interchange, stable isotope work, and other topics in ecology, paleoecology and macroecology. Did I mention we are a diverse lot?