Felisa A. Smith
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico

Because our work is generally topical, often quirky and typically involves mammals, reporters and the public are frequently interested in it. Below are some examples from websites, print sources and video/audio interviews.


Megafauna in the Earth system

Dinosaur Metabolism

Paleomiddens (various papers, including original 1995 Science paper)
Media coverage has included a tapped radio interview on BBC World News, numerous print articles in popular outlets including:

Mammoths and Methane (2010 and 2011 Nature Geoscience papers)
Tapped Radio interviews included:

Samples of news articles include:

Mammal Body Size Evolution (2010 Science and 2012 PNAS papers)
Press included live and tapped radio and video broadcasts:

Samples of news articles include:

Rewilding (2005 Nature and 2006 American Naturalist papers; Josh Donlan was the lead author on these projects)
This work was covered widely in national and international print, radio, and TV media including:

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