(Download the Accepted Plenary / Poster Abstracts pdf Here)

Abstract submissions are now closed.

Notification acceptance: May 10, 2016.


Abstract Guideline



Posters will be placed on typical 4x8 foot boards. Please bring pushpins as necessary (you might also consider printing out some copies of your poster as 8x11" versions for folks to take if interested). Your poster should be hung BEFORE the morning session begins (at 8am) so that folks can view it during coffee breaks. We have a long dedicated period of ~3 hours in the afternoon for posters; please be at your poster for the first 2 hours of this time at a minimum. We will have heavy snacks and a cash bar to encourage attendance. Your poster should be removed at the end of your day, no later than 7pm.

For tips on how to make an effective poster, read: http://guides.nyu.edu/posters

Lightning Talks: Each poster presenter will be given a timed 1 minute slot to briefly describe the results of their work. These one-minute talks provide a chance for you to make a brief advertisement for your poster. In these talks, you come on stage, introduce yourself, and present enough information to entice people to your poster. You can show one (1) slide, which will advance automatically after one minute. About 20 people will present consecutively. Prepare well and be creative! Don't try to provide all the details about your work. Rather, try to elicit interest in your poster by highlighting the goal and a unique finding. Your slide should include your name, poster title, and poster number. If you do not wish to present a lightning talk, please contact Emily Jones (elj@unm.edu) before 15 June 2016.

Please email your slide in PDF format to Emma Elliott Smith (eaelliot@unm.edu) no later than 5 pm on June 15. Name your pdf slide using the notation: PosterID_Lastname (for example, E21_Brown.pdf). If we do not receive your slide by this date, we will provide a slide containing your poster title and author name(s).

For tips on how to give an effective lightning talk, see: http://software.ac.uk/home/cw11/giving-good-lightning-talk

or https://barriebyron.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/so-you-want-to-give-a-lightning-talk/

Should you have any questions about your poster or lightning talk, please contact Emily Jones (elj@unm.edu).