Coccidia (Eimeriidae) of Xenarthra
(anteaters, armadillos, sloths)

Compiled by
Donald W. Duszynski1, Steve J. Upton2, and Lee Couch1

1Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
2Division of Biology, Kansas State University

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Updated: 2 May 1999
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FAMILY: Dasypodidae (armadillos)

Eimeria dacunhai Levine, 1984
Synonym: Eimeria tatusi of Carini, 1933, nomen preocc
non Eimeria tatusi da Cunha & Torres, 1924
Host: Cabassous sp. ("Tatu")
References: Carini 1933, 1934; Levine 1984

Eimeria (?) tatusi (da Cunha & Torres, 1924) Levine, 1984 nomen nudum

Synonym: Globidium tatusi da Cunha & Torres, 1924
Host: Cabassus novemcinctus (Nine-banded armadillo)
References: da Cunha & Torres, 1924, 1926
*NOTE: This species was named soley on the presence of intestinal meronts.

Eimeria (?) travassosi da Cunha & Muniz, 1928, nomen nudum

Hosts: Dasypus hybridus, Euphractus sexcinctus
References: da Cunha & Muniz 1928; Doflein & Reichenow 1953; Reichenow & Carini 1937
*NOTE: This species was named soley on the presence of meronts and gametes.

FAMILY: Myrmecophagidae (anteaters)

Eimeria corticulata Lainson & Shaw, 1990

Host: Tamandua tetradactyla (Lesser anteater)
Reference: Lainson & Shaw 1990

Eimeria cyclopei Lainson & Shaw, 1982

Host: Cyclopes didactylus (Silky anteater)
Reference: Lainson & Shaw 1982

Eimeria escomeli (Rastegaieff, 1930) Levine & Becker, 1933

Host: Myrmecophaga tridactyla (Giant anteater)
References: Gardner et al. 1991; Levine & Becker 1930; Rastegaiff 1930

Eimeria marajoensis Lainson & Shaw, 1991

Host: Tamandua tetradactyla (Lesser anteater)
Reference: Lainson & Shaw 1991

Eimeria tamanduae Lainson, 1968

Host: Tamandua tetradactyla (Lesser anteater)
Reference: Lainson 1968

Eimeria tenggilingi Else & Colley, 1976

Host: Manis javanica (Scaly anteater)
Reference: Else & Colley 1976

FAMILY: Megalonychidae (sloths)

"Coccidia" of Diniz & Oliveira, 1999

Host: Bradypus sp.
Reference: Diniz & Oliveira 1999

"Coccidia" of Diniz & Oliveira, 1999

Host: Choloepus sp.
Reference: Diniz & Oliveira 1999

Eimeria choloepi Lainson & Shaw, 1982

Host: Choloepus didactylus (Two-toed sloth)
Reference: Lainson & Shaw 1982

"Unsporulated oocysts" of Schmidt, Duszynski, & Martin, 1992

Host: Nothrotheriops shastensis (Shasta ground sloth)
Reference: Schmidt et al. 1992
*NOTE: Two types of unsporulated oocysts were found in coprolites and a new genus, Archeococcidia, created.


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