Eimeria surki Nukerbaeva & Abenov, 1979.

Type host: Marmota baibacina.

Other hosts: M. bobak.

Type locality: Asia: Kazakhstan, Kerekin area of Arma-Ata.

Description of oocyst: Oocyst shape: ovoid, slightly flattened on one pole; wall thickness: 1.2; layers: 2; outer layer proportion of total thickness: not given; outer layer colour: not given; outer layer texture: smooth; inner wall characteristics: not given; micropyle: absent; OR: absent; PG: not given; size: 22.4 x 14.0 (20-25 x 11-17); L/W ratio: 1.6. Distinctive features of oocyst: none.

Description of sporocysts and sporozoites: Sporocyst shape: ovoid; size: 8-11 x 4-7; SB: absent; SSB: absent; PSB: absent; SR: present; SR characteristics: large granules; SR size: not given; SP: bean-shaped. Distinctive features of sporocyst: none.

Remarks: Eimeria surki was described from M. bobak by Nukerbaeva & Abenov (1979) and has not been observed since.

Reference: Nukerbaeva & Abenov (1979).ont>