Coccidia (Eimeriidae) of Salmoniformes

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Updated: 14 July 2000
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  1. Eimeria lydiae Lukes and Kepr, 1992
    1. Host: Salmo trutta (Brown trout)
    2. References: Lukes 1990; Lukes and Kepr 1992

  2. Eimeria salvelini Molnar and Hanek, 1974
    1. Host: Salvelinus fontinalis (Brook trout)
    2. References: Hanek and Molnar 1974; Margolis and Arthur 1979; Molnar and Hanek 1974

  3. Eimeria sp. 1 of Arai and Mudry, 1983
    1. Host: Oncorhynchus nerka (Sockeye salmon)
    2. Reference: Arai and Mudry 1983

  4. Eimeria sp. 2 of Arai and Mudry, 1983
    1. Host: Salmo gairdneri (Rainbow trout)
    2. Reference: Arai and Mudry 1983

  5. Eimeria sp. 3 of Arai and Mudry, 1983
    1. Host: Salvelinus malma (Dolly Varden)
    2. Reference: Arai and Mudry 1983

  6. Eimeria sp. 4 of Arai and Mudry, 1983
    1. Host: Thymallus arcticus (Arctic grayling)
    2. Reference: Arai and Mudry 1983

  7. Eimeria sp. of Davis, 1946
    1. Host: Salvelinus fontinalis (Brook trout)
    2. Reference: Davis 1946

  8. Eimeria sp. of Fantham and Porter, 1948
    1. Host: Salvelinus fontinalis (Brook trout)
    2. Reference: Fantham and Porter 1948

  9. Eimeria sp. of Lukes, 1990
    1. Synonym: Goussia sp. 1 of Lukes, 1990
    2. Host: Salmo trutta (Brown trout)
    3. Reference: Lukes 1990

  10. Eimeria sp. of Pronina, 1990
    1. Host: Coregonus autumnalis (Arctic cisco)
    2. Reference: Pronina 1990

  11. Eimeria truttae (Leger and Hesse, 1919) Stankovitch, 1921
    1. Synonym: Goussia truttae Leger and Hesse, 1919
    2. Hosts: Oncorhynchus masou (Masou or cherry salmon), Salmo gairdneri (Rainbow trout/steelhead), Salmo trutta (Brown trout), Thymallus thymallus (Grayling)
    3. References: Alvarez-Pellitero and Gonzalez-Lanza 1983; Awakura et al. 1983; Hanek and Molnar 1974; Leger and Hesse, 1919; Lukes 1990; Margolis and Arthur 1979; Molnar and Hanek 1974; Schulman and Shtein 1962; Stankovitch 1921a, 1921c


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