The Coccidia of Strigiformes (owls)

Donald W. Duszynski1, Lee Couch1, and Steve J. Upton2
1Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
2Division of Biology, Kansas State University

Supported by NSF-PEET DEB 9521687

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Updated: 25 August 2000
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  1. Eimeria atheni Chauhan and Jain, 1979
    1. Host: Athene brama (Spotted little owl)
    2. Reference: Chauhan and Jain 1979

  2. Eimeria bemricki Averbeck, Cooney, Guarnera, Redig, and Stromberg, 1998
    1. Host: Strix nebulosa (Great gray owl)
    2. Reference: Averbeck et al. 1998

  3. Eimeria bubonis Cawthorn and Stockdale, 1981
    1. Host: Bubo virginianus (Great-horned owl)
    2. References: Cawthorn and Stockdale 1980, 1981, 1982; Upton et al. 1990

  4. Eimeria megabubonis Upton, Campbell, Weigel, and McKown, 1990
    1. Host: Bubo virginianus (Great-horned owl)
    2. Reference: Upton et al. 1990

  5. Eimeria nycteae Volf, Koudela, and Modry, 1999
    1. Host: Nyctea scandiaca (Snowy owl)
    2. Reference: Volf et al. 1999

  6. Eimeria speotytoi Carini, 1939
    1. Synonym: Eimeria spenotytoi (Carini, 1939) Upton, Campbell, Weigel, and McKown, 1990, lapsus
    2. Host: Speoyto cunicularia (Burrowing owl)
    3. Reference: Carini 1939

  7. Eimeria sp. of Gottschalk, 1972
    1. Host: Bubo bubo (Northern eagle owl)
    2. Reference: Gottschalk 1972

  8. Eimeria sp. 2 of Huber, 1964
    1. Host: Asio otus (Long-eared owl)
    2. Reference: Huber 1964

  9. Eimeria sp. 4 of Huber, 1964
    1. Host: Strix aluco (Tawny owl)
    2. Reference: Huber 1964

  10. Eimeria sp. 5 of Huber, 1964
    1. Host: Tyto alba (Barn owl)
    2. Reference: Huber 1964

  11. Eimeria strigis Kutzer, 1963
    1. Host: Strix aluco (Tawny owl)
    2. Reference: Kutzer 1963

  12. Eimeria varia Upton, Campbell, Weigel, and McKown, 1990
    1. Host: Strix aluco (Tawny owl)
    2. Reference: Upton et al. 1990

  13. Isospora buteonis Henry, 1932 of Nieschulz, 1935
    1. Host: Tyto alba (Barn owl)
    2. Reference: Nieschulz 1935
    3. Remarks: This is a Sarcocystis sp.

  14. Isospora strigis Yakimoff and Matschoulsky, 1937
    1. Host: Asio flammeus (Short-eared owl)
    2. Reference: Yakimoff and Matschoulsky 1937
    3. Remarks: This appears to be an avian isosporan ingested with the prey

  1. Unidentified renal coccidian of Helmboldt, 1967
    1. Host: Bubo virginianus (Great-horned owl)
    2. Reference: Helmboldt 1967

  2. Unidentified intestinal coccidian of Hoberg, Cawthorn, and Hedstrom, 1993
    1. Synonym: Isospora sp. Hoberg, Cawthorn, and Hedstrom, 1993
    2. Host: Strix occidentalis (Spotted owl)
    3. Reference: Helmboldt 1967


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