Eimeria nycticebi Patnaik and Acharjyo, 1970.

Type host: Nycticebus coucang (Boddaert, 1785), Slow loris.

Other hosts: None reported to date.

Type locality: ASIA: India, Assam, Barang, Nandan Kanan Zoo.

Geographic distribution: ASIA: India, Assam, Barang, Nandan Kanan Zoo.

Description of oocyst: Oocyst shape: spheroid; number of walls: 1 (in line drawing); wall thickness: "thin"; wall characteristics: smooth, colorless; L x W: 17 x 16.5 (15-18 x 14.5-18); L/W ratio: 1.0; M: absent; OR: present; OR characteristics: small, may actually represent a PG; PG: absent (in original description). Distinctive features of oocyst: small, spheroidal shape with smooth, thin wall.

Description of sporocysts and sporozoites: Sporocyst shape: subspheroid; L x W: 6-7 x 4-5; SB: absent (in line drawing); SSB: absent; PSB: absent; SR: present: SR characteristics: a granular mass in center of sporocyst (in line drawing); SP: surround the SR. Distinctive features of sporocyst: small size and apparent lack of SB.

Prevalence: 3/3 (100%).

Sporulation: Exogenous. Oocysts sporulated within 10 days in 2% aqueous potassium dichromate solution at an unspecified temperature.

Prepatent and patent periods: Unknown.

Site of infection: Unknown. Oocysts recovered from intestinal scrapings of 3 dead N. coucang.

Material deposited: None.

Remarks: This species has not been reported since its original description from 3 animals that died at the Nandan Kanan Zoo.

Reference: Patnaik and Acharjyo (1970).