Isospora riccii Agostinucci, 1955

Type host: Talpa europaea Linnaeus, 1758, European mole.

Other hosts: None reported to date.

Type locality: EUROPE: Italy, near Rome.

Geographic distribution: EUROPE: Italy.

Description of oocyst: Oocyst shape: ellipsoid; number of walls: 1 (line drawing) or 2 (described as double-contoured); wall thickness: ~1.0; wall characteristics: smooth, yellow; L x W: 22.9 x 14.5; L/W ratio: 1.6; M: absent; OR: absent; PG: 2 small granules at one end of oocyst. Distinctive features of oocyst: ellipsoid shape with 2 small PG at one end.

Description of sporocysts and sporozoites: Sporocyst shape: ellipsoid; L x W: 14.8 x 8.1; L/W ratio: 1.8; SB: absent; SSB: absent; PSB: absent; SR: present; SR characteristics: irregular mass of large granules (line drawing); SP: elongate, sausage-shaped without RB (line drawing). Distinctive features of sporocyst: elongate, sausage-shaped SP.

Prevalence: 1/28 (4%).

Sporulation: Exogenous. Oocysts sporulated in 2 days.

Prepatent and patent periods: Unknown.

Site of infection: Unknown. Oocysts recovered from feces and intestinal contents.

Materials deposited: None.

Remarks: The 1956 paper by Agostinucci, in which he describes this species again, is identical to the 1955 paper.

References: Agostinucci (1955, 1956).