Eimeria ferruginea Colley, 1970.,

Type host: Tupaia glis ferruginea (Diard, 1820), Common tree-shrew.

Other hosts: Tupia tana Raffles, 1821.

Type locality: ASIA: Malaysia, Malaya, Selangor, Bukit Lanjan Forest Reserve.

Geographic distribution: ASIA: Malaysia: Malaya and Borneo.

Description of oocyst: Oocyst shape: ellipsoid; number of walls: 2; wall thickness: outer 1.5-2, inner 1; wall characteristics: outer is knobby, yellowish-brown, thick, rough, striated; inner (upon removal of outer layer) is serrate, yellow; L x W: 34.3 x 27.7 (28-43 x 22-41); L/W ratio: 1.2 (1.1-1.5); M: absent; OR: present; OR characteristics: a homogenous globule; OR L x W: 3-6; PG: present; number of PG: 1; Distinctive features of oocyst: thick, knobby, 2-layered outer wall; it differs from E. modesta in size and shape and by having a single, globular OR, instead of a granular one.

Description of sporocysts and sporozoites: Sporocyst shape: ellipsoid; L x W: 12.2 x 8.8 (10-15.5 x 7-12); L x W ratio: 1.45; SB: present; SB characteristics: small, pointed; SSB: absent; PSB: absent; SR: present; SR characteristics: many large, coarse granules as an irregular, central mass in sporocyst; SP: comma-shaped, arranged head-to-tail in sporocyst. Distinctive features of sporocyst: coarse SR and SP without without RB.

Prevalence: 1/2 (50%) in type host.

Sporulation: Exogenous. Oocysts sporulated within 1 wk in 2.5% aqueous potassium dichromate solution at 30ºC.

Prepatent and patent periods: Unknown.

Site of infection: Unknown. Oocysts recovered from feces and intestinal contents.

Material deposited: The symbiotype host (Frey et al., 1992) skin and skull are preserved: # TG-12 Medical Ecology Museum, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, Malaysia.

Remarks: Colley (1970) reported that E. ferruginea differed from Eimeria modesta Van Peenan et al., 1967 (below) by having a PG, which E. modesta apparently lacks. Mullin and Colley (1972) added a new geographic record when they found this species in T. tana from the Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Borneo.

References: Colley (1970); Mullin and Colley (1972); Mullin et al. (1972).