Eimeria domashnevae Dzerskinsky, 1982

Original host: Sorex asper Thomas, 1914, Tien Shan shrew.

Remarks: This description was published as a one paragraph note in a book about Kashkstan Lawra and the problems of its protection. Oocysts were ovoid with a smooth wall consisting of 1 layer, ~0.5; L x W: 14.0 x 13.0 (13-16.5 x 12-15); L/W ratio: 1.04-1.1; OR: absent; sporocysts were ovoid, 7.0 X 6.7; SR: absent; SP: comma-shaped. Sporulation "continues for 2-3 days." His description lacked both a line drawing and/or a photomicrograph of a sporulated oocyst. This form, therefore, must be regarded as a species inquirendae.