The Coccidia of Ciconiiformes
(bitterns, egrets, flamingos, herons, ibis, stork)

Compiled by
Donald W. Duszynski1, Steve J. Upton2, and Lee Couch1

1Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
2Division of Biology, Kansas State University

Supported by NSF-PEET DEB 9521687

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Updated: 24 January 1999
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Eimeria ardae Shamsuddin & Jasim, 1980

Host: Ardea purpurea (Purple heron - Ardeidae)
Reference: Shamsuddin & Jasim 1980

Eimeria ardeae Dubinin, 1939

Host: Ardea cinerea (Grey heron - Ardeidae), Nycticorax nycticorax (Black-crowned night heron)
Reference: Dubinin 1939

Eimeria bazi Chauhan & Bhatia, 1970

Host: Pseudibis papillosa (White-shouldered ibis - Threskiornithidae)
Reference: Chauhan & Bhatia 1970

Eimeria garzettae Golemansky & Kuldjieva, 1980

Host: Egretta garzetta (Little egret - Ardeidae)
Reference: Golemansky & Kuldjieva 1980

Eimeria sp. of Faust & Pappas, 1977

Host: Phoenicopterus chiliensis (Chilean flamingo - Phoenicopteridae)
Reference: Faust & Pappas 1977

Eimeria sp. of Faust & Pappas, 1977

Host: Phoenicopterus ruber (Greater flamingo - Phoenicopteridae)
Reference: Faust & Pappas 1977


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