The Coccidia of Charadriiformes
(auks, avocets, curlews, gulls, ibisbills, jacanas, lapwings, murres, oystercatchers, plovers, pratincoles, puffins, sandpipers, seedsnipes, sheathbills, skimmers, skua, snipe, stilts, terns, turnstones, woodcock, yellow legs)

Compiled by
Donald W. Duszynski1, Steve J. Upton2, and Lee Couch1

1Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
2Division of Biology, Kansas State University

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Family: Burchinidae (stone curlews)

Eimeria burchinici Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev, 1989

Host: Burchinus oedicencus (Stone curlew)
Reference: Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev 1989

Family: Charadriidae (plovers)

Eimeria ahmadi Shamsuddin & Jasim, 1980

Host: Vanellus leucurus (White-tailed plover)
Reference: Shamsuddin & Jasim, 1980

Eimeria charadrii Mandal, 1965

Host: Charadrius asiaticus (Caspian plover)
Reference: Mandal 1965

Eimeria pluvialina (Mandal, 1965) Pellerdy, 1974

Synonym: Eimeria roscoviense pluvialina (Labbe, 1893) Wasielewski, 1904
Host: Charadrius asiaticus (Caspian plover)
References: Labbe 1893; Mandal 1965; Pellerdy 1974; von Waisielewski 1904

Eimeria roscoviense (Labbe, 1893) von Waisielewski, 1904

Synonym: Coccidium roscoviense Labbe, 1893
Hosts: Charadrius alexandrinus (Snowy plover), Charadrius dubius (Little ringed plover),
Pluvialis apricaria (Eurasian golden plover)
References: Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev 1989; Labbe 1893; von Waisielewski 1904

Eimeria sp. of Shamsuddin & Jasim, 1980

Host: Charadrius dubius (Little ringed plover)
Reference: Shamsuddin & Jasim 1980

Eimeria vanelli Mandal, 1965

Hosts: Vanellus malabaricus (Yellow-wattled lapwing), Vanellus vanellus (Northern lapwing)
Reference: Frank 1978; Mandal 1965

Isospora sp. of Henry, 1932

Host: Charadrius vociferus (killdeer)
Reference: Henry 1932

Isospora sp. of Rivolta & Delprato, 1881

Host: Vanellus vanellus (Northern lapwing)
Reference: Rivolta & Delprato 1881

Family: Scolopacidae (sandpipers)

"Coccidian" of Locke, Stickel, & Geis, 1965

Host: Scolopax minor (American woodcock)
Reference: Locke et al. 1965

Eimeria gallinagoi Mandal, 1965

Host: Gallinago gallinago (Common snipe)
Reference: Mandal 1965

Eimeria numenii Mandal, 1965

Host: Numenius arquata (Eurasian curlew)
Reference: Mandal 1965; Frank 1978

Eimeria philomachusi Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev, 1989

Hosts: Tringa glareola (Wood sandpiper), T. totanus (Common redshank)
Reference: Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev 1989

Eimeria spp. (Labbe, 1893) von Waisielewski, 1904

Synonym: Coccidium roscoviense Labbe, 1893, pro parte
Synonym: Eimeria roscoviense (Labbe, 1893) von Waisielewski, 1904, pro parte
Hosts: Actitis hypleucus (Common sandpiper), Arenaria interpres (Ruddy turnstone),
Calidris alba (Sanderling), C. alpina (Dunlin), Numenius phaeopus (Whimbrel),
Tringa glareola (Wood sandpiper), T. totanus (Common redshank)
References: Dzerzhinskii & Kairooaev 1989; Labbe 1893, 1896; von Waisielewski 1904

Eimeria (?) sp. of Levine, 1953

Host: Arenaria interpres (Ruddy turnstone)
Reference: Levine 1953

Family: Stercorariidae (skuas)

Eimeria stercorariae Galli-Valerio, 1940

Host: Sterocorarius parasiticus (Parasitic jaeger)
Reference: Galli-Valerio 1940

Family: Laridae (gulls & terns)

"Coccidia" of Rakhmatullina & Svanbaev, 1971

Host: Larus argentatus (Herring gull)
Reference: Rakhmatullina & Svanbaev 1971

"Coccidia" of Rakhmatullina & Svanbaev, 1971

Host: Larus ridibundus (Black-headed gull)
Reference: Rakhmatullina & Svanbaev 1971

"Renal coccidia" of Thompson & Wright, 1978

Host: "terns"
Reference: Thompson & Wright 1978

Eimeria creutzi Creutz & Gottschalk, 1969

Host: Larus ridibundus (Black-headed gull)
Reference:Creutz & Gottschalk 1969

Eimeria goelandi Gajadhar & Leighton 1988

Host: Larus argentatus (Herring gull)
Reference: Gajadhar & Leighton 1988

Eimeria lari Schwalbach, 1959

Hosts: Larus argentatus (Herring gull), L. ribibundus (Black-headed gull)
References: Rakhamullina & Svanbaev 1971; Scwalbach 1959

Eimeria mellumi Schwalbach, 1959

Host: Larus argentatus (Herring gull)
Reference: Schwalbach 1959

Eimeria meservei Coatney, 1935

Host: Sterna forsteri (Forster's tern)
Reference: Coatney 1935

Eimeria renicola Creutz & Gottschalk, 1969

Host: Larus ridibundus (Black-headed gull)
References: Creutz & Gottschalk 1969; Frank 1978; Gottschalk 1967a, 1967b

Eimeria rissae Soulsby & Jennings, 1957

Host: Rissa tridactyla (Black-legged kittiwake)
Reference: Soulsby & Jennings 1957

Eimeria wobeseri Gajadhar & Leighton 1988

Host: Larus argentatus (Herring gull)
Reference: Gajadhar & Leighton 1988

Family: Alcidae (auks, murres, & puffins)

Eimeria fraterculae Leighton & Gajadhar, 1986

Host: Fratercula arctica (Common puffin)
Reference: Leighton & Gajadhar 1986


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