The Coccidian Genera Caryotropha and Dorisiella

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Donald W. Duszynski1, Steve J. Upton2, and Lee Couch1

1Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
2Division of Biology, Kansas State University

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The coccidian genera Caryotropha Siedlecki, 1902 and Dorisiella Ray, 1930 are monotypic, homoxenous genus found in polychaetes. Oocysts are without a definate wall and contain about 20 sporocysts each. Caryotropha is said to have about 12 sporozoites per sporocyst whereas Dorisiella has 8 per sporocyst. Traditionally, these two genera have been placed in the family Caryotrophidae Luhe, 1916. However, the lack of an oocyst wall does not exclude these species from the Eimeriidae.

Caryotropha mesnili Siedlecki, 1902

Host: Polymnia nebulosa (Polychaetasida)
Reference: Siedlecki 1902, 1907

Dorisiella scolelepidis Ray, 1930

Host: Scolelepis fuliginosa (Polychaetasida)
Reference: Ray 1930


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