Coccidia (Eimeriidae) of Anguilliformes (eels)

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    FAMILY: Anguillidae (freshwater eels)

  1. Eimeria anguillae Leger and Hollande, 1922
    1. Synonym: Epieimeria anguillae (Leger and Hollande, 1922) Dykova and Lom, 1981
    2. Hosts: Anguilla anguilla (European eel), Anguilla australis (Short-finned eel), Anguilla dieffenbachii (New Zealand long-finned eel), Anguilla rostrata (American eel)
    3. References: Benajiba et al. 1994; Cruz e Silva et al. 1986, 1986/1987; Daoudi 1987; Daoudi et al. 1986, 1989; Dogiel 1948; Dykova and Lom 1981, 1983; Hanek and Molnar 1974; Hine 1975; Hine and Boustead 1974; Jastrzebski 1984; Lacey and Williams 1983; Leger and Hollande 1922; Levine 1984; Lom and Dykova 1995; Lukes 1990; Markevich 1951; Molnar and Baska 1986; Molnar and Hanek 1974; Molnar and Rohde 1988; Radujkovic and Raibaut 1989a, 1989b; Schulman and Shtein 1962

  2. Eimeria emiens Su and Chen, 1991
    1. Host: Anguilla japonica (Japanese eel)
    2. Reference: Su and Chen 1991

  3. Eimeria sp. of Thelohan, 1894
    1. Host: Anguilla anguilla (European eel)
    2. Reference: Thelohan 1894

  4. Eimeria sp. B of Molnar and Rohde, 1988
    1. Synonym: Goussia sp. B of Molnar and Rohde, 1988
    2. Host: Anguilla australis (Short-finned eel); Anguilla reinhardi (Long-finned eel)
    3. Reference: Molnar and Rohde 1988

    FAMILY: Congridae (Conger eels)

  5. Eimeria sp. of Lom and Dykova, 1982
    1. Synonym: Epieimeria isabellae Lom and Dykova, 1982
    2. Host: Conger conger (Conger eel)
    3. References: Daoudi 1987; Daoudi et al. 1986, 1989; Lom and Dykova 1982; Radujkovic and Raibaut 1989a, 1989b

    FAMILY: Muraenidae (Moray eels)

  6. Eimeria sp. of Landau, Marteau, Golvan, Chabaud, and Boulard, 1975
    1. Host: Gymnothorax moringa (Spotted moray eel)
    2. Reference: Landau et al. 1975


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